More Mobile Usage Trends for Travel

Kevin May from ITB Berlin reports on some research and trends:

  • Desktop and mobile show different peaks and booking patterns: highest on Fridays for mobile, highest on Mondays for desktops (mobile figures highest for “bedtime browsing”).
  • 10% of Google search for travel is now on a mobile – looking for maps (especially at weekends), Google Places, Streetview, Google Goggles.
  • 70% of mobile hotel bookings are for the same day, with the peak day on Friday.
  • tripled mobile booking during Q4 2010.
  • Almost 10% of TripAdvisor site traffic now on the mobile site.
  • Growth of mobile:
    • 40% will use mobile for destination information.
    • 39% outbound travelers own smart-phones
    • 30% will make changes to a booking during trip
    • 25% for electronic check-in
    • 30% for social networking during trip

Travelport polled over 600 corporate travel buyers, agents, hospitality and travel professionals around to world (although only 150 responded):

  • 80% would like to see mobile applications offering suggested restaurants and bars around the hotel location
  • 67% would like similar apps offering suggestions for recreational activities
  • 71% rank Wi-Fi as one of the most important technology solutions that should be included as standard in hotel rooms – 82% of travelers expecting this service to be in all rooms within five years

Rob Torres, Google’s managing director of advertising and marketing for the North American travel sector, reports on hospitality marketing that:

  • The number of searches in the travel category via a mobile device is up 1,200% this year
  • hotel searches on Google Maps have grown 3,000%
  • The number of mobile bookings in the travel space is accelerating: from $20 million in 2008 to $200 million this year, with over $80 million coming from the hotel category alone


  1. That doesn’t surprise us, Trent. I recently attended a mobile app workshop at the Hilton Head Chamber of Commerce, and the upgrades and ease of use for both travelers and industry professionals make this the marketing tool to master for 2011. Unbelievable, the stream of information you can upload if you spend the time up front.

  2. I tend to go along with the whole thing that is posted within “A Whole
    Bunch of Mobile Usage Stats for the Travel Industry”.
    Many thanks for all of the actual facts.I appreciate it-Charlie

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