Well, it’s finally done! I wanted to take a minute to congratulate the whole Blizzard Team. I am so impressed that it would have been impossible for you to do better. The Telluride Rentals site is obviously a work of art, it is magnificent but I am really impressed with your work, professionalism and general ease of dealing with us. Blizzard is by far the best company I have ever encountered in technology/Website/Internet marketing. It has been an absolute pleasure to talk to each one of you, you have been patient and always have said yes to every idea I suggested. Each time I would say “could we do this?” the answer was yes or I will check and then yes. The fact that you have dealt with all my requests so respectfully and with such patience makes me feel so sure that I am in the best possible hands.
I look forward to meeting the rest of the team in person and obviously loved spending time in Telluride with Kathy and Lindy.

Christina CasasTelluride Rentals

First off, it’s been great. A little background; I attended a VRMA conference in 2008 and found the Blizzard booth in the vendor showroom. I had been searching for quite some time to find an experienced company that could redesign our outdated website and specifically integrate an attractive, versatile and easy to use on-line reservation system. So glad I wondered into the vendor showroom that year.I appreciate the professional approach they use regarding the explanation of services and clear cut outlined description of work to be performed. Basically they delivered the product I signed up for in a timely manner. I think communication is probably one of the key pieces in any working relationship and the Blizzard team does a great job making the wild world of the internet understandable.

I am very happy with the usability, design and functionality of BRE. Since it was completed I have seen an increase in online reservations each year. In addition, it is very easy for my staff to perform updates within the BRE.

The best things I like about working with Blizzard are their team approach, accessibility and enthusiasm for the industry.

Sybille HalfordAt Home Key WestAt Home in Key West Rentals

I am excited how well the BRE module has better integrated our content to be Google friendly. Up until now I have struggled to find improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO) opportunities… Anyone using RNS in a competitive market now has a choice to step up their web optimization to another level with Blizzard. Web traffic and revenue continues to improve comparing year to year and I am optimistic as we are only one quarter into the implementation and we have not even started to make tweaks to further implement improvements.Island Real Estate LogoThe results in the first three months after the website was released are impressive. Comparing the months of March, April and May from 2011 to 2012, http://www.islandreal.com has enjoyed a 56% increase in unique visitors as well as a 51% increase in revenue dollars and a 52% increase in organic traffic from Google during this same time period from 2011 to 2012.

Larry ChattIsland Real Estate

Online Bookings are up 30%! We rely on Blizzard to help drive our online bookings and improve our search engine rankings. In the past two years alone, our online bookings have gone up more than 30%!

Tim PolkThe Wine

Consistent year over year ROI Since we began working with Blizzard Internet Marketing in 2008, we have seen consistent year over year return on investment averaging from as little as 150% to as much as 1400%. Park City is a very competitive ski town and our organic search result rankings for prime keywords have positioned us as a lodging authority among 1000’s of vacation rental options. Thank you Blizzard!

Jaci BuckinghamPark City Lodging

Blizzard gets the results we WANT! The entire team at Blizzard, including Julia, Amy, Lindy, Jill & Trent are all committed and engaged in helping to make our SEO and website the best they can be. They are also fun to work with and always have great suggestions for improving our visibility and getting the results we want; more guests staying at our hotels in Key West. Thanks!

Christina GrassHistoric Key West Inns

And something that has always impressed me, is that not only have they always been on top of all the latest trends and developments within the internet marketing and search world, but have strived to anticipate what is likely to be next, and prepare their clients accordingly so that they’re ahead of the game and not having to play catch-up.

Allen JohnsonThree Palms Real Estate

I Attribute This Success to the Marketing Work Blizzard Has DoneJanuary 2012 has been the best revenue month ever, by far! I attribute this success to the marketing work Blizzard has done over time including the BRE integration. It’s really easy to make changes and updates in the BRE.

Bob Hawkins & Carmen DeCecco

Most Recently the annual Blizzard Internet Marketing Seminar and learned a lot! Trent and the team provided great insight to the online SEO world and best of all I was sent home with a list of actionable items! Glenwood Springs is a beautiful town and a great place to have the seminar. Thanks to Trent, our amazing Project Manager Amy “Tom”, and the Blizzard team!

Amy Nguyen

Blizzard Internet has Done Wonders in increasing traffic to our website. They have proven that they legitimately care about Park City Lodging as a business partner and have exceeded our expectations in collaborating effectively and creating a learning environment which has helped us truly understand and appreciate the effects of a GREAT web marketing team. Thank you Trent, Susan and the rest of the team!!!!

Rhonda Sideris

I Give A Lot of Credit to Blizzard Internet Marketing. Trent Blizzard and the team at Blizzard Internet Marketing put on some of the most insightful, thought-provoking, and interactive presentations, webinars and workshops in the vacation rental industry. If you have a chance to attend one, I highly recommend it. If you somehow left without a list of action items, I’d be shocked.Atlantic Beach Realty had the opportunity this spring to work with Blizzard Internet Marketing in a five hour consultation. Part of the consultation was spent getting some fantastic website SEO and usability suggestions from Carrie Hill, and then I worked one-on-one with Danielle Rozga getting an intensive AdWords training in anticipation of self-managing our AdWords presence at the conclusion of the consultation.

Danielle has been a joy to work with and made the process of getting started and learning the AdWords platform a breeze. Our partnership with Blizzard Internet Marketing allowed us to quickly jump into PPC with a strong foundation and good understanding of how to best self-manage our PPC presence while knowing the Blizzard team is there to back us with years of experience with vacation rental clients in case we need it.

Our consultation formally concluded in mid-May, but Carrie and Danielle keep in touch and are happy to answer any questions that come up and offer feedback on how things are going. We’ve seen some major successes with our PPC campaigns and I give a lot of credit to Blizzard Internet Marketing for making that possible. Thanks!

Jim Golightly

The Inn At Fox Hollow Loves Blizzard Internet Marketing..They have done so much for our website and taught us so much as well. They are always available to help in a timely manner and always with a friendly smile that you can ‘hear’ over the phone! Couldn’t live without them.

Suzanne FrancicaThe Inn at Fox Hollow

Thank God for Blizzard Internet Marketing!They made the overwhelming process of updating our website as pleasant as a Key West sunset! Everyone from Tish in accounting to Amy (our project manager extraordinaire) is professional, friendly and easy to work with. Trent you put together a great team!

At Home Key West

Blizzard is a pleasure to work with. Since our new site went live online, usage and bookings have significantly increased. Blizzard is a pleasure to work with.

Susan Goldstein

We are booking months and homes like we have never before. I chose to let it MY PPC BUDGET run out this month. Keep the budget for now at $1500 a month. We are booking months and homes like we have never before and I have two new people just learning. So, I know it’s a bad place to be, but we are too busy at the moment to keep driving business.

Bob Carney

I am thrilled! I am thrilled with the response we have gotten from our website since we began working with Blizzard. We have seen a tremendous increase in revenue from our booking engine. In fact, in working with another company recently on a separate project they looked at our site to make suggested improvements and couldn’t find any.

Brenadette Faust

Thanks! Our relationship so far has been a pleasure and a constantly productive learning experience.

Carmen Haukins DeCecco

Wonderful Presentation! They have done so much for our website and taught us so much as well. They are always available to help in a timely manner and always with a friendly smile that you can ‘hear’ over the phone! Couldn’t live without them.

Lucy Kawaihalan