Do You Have a Blog and Need Help Taking it to the Next Level?

When seamlessly integrated into the look and feel of your website, blogs can be very powerful and easy-to-use online tools for the hospitality, travel, and tourism industries.

This Year, nearly 40% of hoteliers surveyed are planning a blog on the hotel’s website. Source

Quick and Easy Content Management
Blogs enable quick and easy content management that will save you both time and money – especially if you frequently update information on prices, specials, area attractions, event calendars, press pages and vacation packages.

Think of it as a cost-effective tool allowing you to make changes that don’t require the services of a professional designer.

Search Engine Friendly
Blogs can provide your site with many Search Engine Optimization benefits. Google, in particular, rewards blogs crawlability and relevant, fresh content.

Organizations that blog get 97% more inbound links to their website, and 55% more website visitors.  Source

Social Interaction
Blogs encourage online social interaction from past and potential customers. You can choose to make your pages fully interactive so users can post comments and reviews, enter contests, complete surveys, upload photos and more.

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