The Best Booking Engine Wins

Get a world-class booking engine to improve your guest booking experience

The Blizzard Reservation Engine is a booking engine that is fully integrated with Resort Data Processing ( and API) entire suite of Instant Software PMS products: First Resort, Entech, Property Plus, via the ISIlink Weblink Plus API.   Rental Network Software and Escapia are also fully supported and integrated.  Enough technical talk.

SEO Friendly

  • All pages have clean and easy URLs.
  • SEO controls for all pages include: URL (slug), title, description, meta keywords, h1, body text
  • SEO Dashboard
  • Advanced Sitemapping for larger inventories.

Highly Usable

  • Fast
  • Powerful Searching and search results pages
  • Clear conversion path and call to actions
  • Integrates with WordPress

100% Customizable with enhanced content management

  • Design is infinitely customizable
  • Custom features can be added
  • Virtual Tours, Floor Plans, Video
  • Reviews, ratings, maps
  • Enhanced descriptions, amenities, rate tables
  • Calendar layout options
  • Photo-gallery options
  • Full Mobile friendly version

Features for increasing conversions during shopping process

  • Email to a friend
  • Save to Favorites
  • Like
  • Bookmark
  • Print

Fast and Easy Booking

  • Clear 4 step booking process
  • Full Google Analytics install with E-Commerce tracking, Goals, Conversion Funnels, Virtual Pages, Virtual Events, and more.

Partners and Integrations

  • A booking engine for Vacation Rental Managers fully integrated:
  • Supports CSA and TravelGuard insurance
  • Integrates with your Facebook Page (make your inventory and specials available in Facebook)
  • Integrates with Docusign to deliver e-contracts
  • Fully integrates with Google Analytics and Navis Technologies.
  • Integrates with Flipkey, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and Facebook
  • Integrates with WordPress (and also Drupal or Joomla)

Portfolio Examples