Custom Website Design

A New Website Could Increase Your Conversion Rates

Many websites don’t need more visitors… they need turn more of their current visitors into buyers.  This is especially critical in today’s market where travel buyers are comparing you to your competitors… the best website wins:

The average consumer visits 22 websites before making a travel purchase. Source

Many websites are sources of frustration for their visitors:

People cannot find the information they seek on a Web site about 60 percent of the time. Source

“One in five web travelers cite web-site performance issues as a reason for booking travel off-line” Source

Imagine improving your bounce rate by 25% and your conversion rate by 20%.   Blizzard Internet has 15 years experience and a staff of design and usability experts devoted to making highly effective and beautiful website.

Our Custom Designs are built with a specific plan and management in place.  We will collaboratively work with you to determine the look-and-feel that best fits your needs, goals, and business.

The end result will be to provide you with a solid web marketing platform that will outperform your competitors in search engine rankings AND convert a higher percentage of website traffic that reach the site.

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