Use Maps to Calm Your Visitor’s Concerns About Your Location

Mapping Solutions from Blizzard Internet give you the ability to show prospective guests and clients exactly how to find your business, along with step-by-step driving directions, simply and effectively.

Good maps help you create more traffic AND increase your conversion rates.

Maps are also a great way to show potential guests what attractions and activities are located in your area. Sometimes it’s not all about the amenities YOU provide, but also about what a guest can do while visiting your area. How close are you to the zoo? Is there a gallery or museum nearby? What about dining and restaurants? Blizzard Internet can help you pinpoint your location in relation other points of interest in your area.

We can add as many map points as you would like in the future. We offer two unique mapping programs to our online marketing customers:

  • Our Standard Mapping program will afford you the opportunity to place up to seven points on your map with unique descriptions, links, and a photograph. Along with the map, we will create and optimize a page with information supporting the points on the map. This makes the map more user friendly and more interactive for your clients.
  • Our Enhanced Mapping program offers the same features as the Standard Mapping component for five points along with more in-depth optimization of the map points and more photographs. We will also integrate linking between your map and your website so visitors can click on a link from another page, come to your maps page and see the information they’re looking for right there, open and ready for them to use.

Blizzard Internet can build a map with as many points as you desire to show. Contact our Sales Team today and we can customize a quote in-line with any scope of work that is right for you.

Blizzard has been talking about the importance of maps for years…


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