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It is Easy to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly!

Every day, more and more of your potential customers are using web-enabled mobile devices to find lodging. Searches for travel and hospitality websites are naturals for mobile users. They could need your phone number or directions to your location; they may want to view your rate ranges. They might be stranded and in need of a room.

Will searchers be able to find that information about your business from their cell phone? Do you know?

If not, enter your URL into this free mobile emulator tool to find out what visitors to your website see when they view it on a common mobile phone. To see what it looks like on other web-enabled mobile devices, such as a Blackberry, here are some other online simulators that will show you.

If you don’t like what you see, then it’s time to consider a simple and inexpensive mobile-friendly website for your business site. A mobile  site allows you to serve up information about your business that can be easily viewed on small screens.

Are Mobile Phones Important?

  • 40% of North America has smart phones.  (But Flash still doesn’t work on them)
  • 60% (3.1B) of the world population sports a cell phone contract (3.1 billion).
  • Over 90% of mobile  users carry their phone with them 24/7.

If you sit tight and do nothing for a few years, you may be able to miss this revolution completely… eventually we will all have such cool phones that you won’t have to plan for a mobile site.

We’ll take care of all the details for you, including hosting, script detection and creating your design.

Contact us today and we’ll get started with making you look good on the mobile web.

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