Analytics & Usability

Do You Know Where Your Website is Losing Visitors?

Blizzard Internet Marketing, Inc. works with a variety of tracking software solutions designed to help you make informed decisions about data from your web site.

Our primary tracking software is Google Analytics and we have packages available to help you set up and track powerful stats including: traffic, referrals, paid advertising return, and booking engine revenue.

Blizzard not only excels in creating highly usable websites with stellar conversion rates.

We can also help you make your current website perform better with our toolbox of advanced usability tools and expert conversion analysis.

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Webinars On-Demand:
Google Analytics 101 – Intro

Google Analytics 201 – Advanced

How to Visualize Visitor Behavior – CrazyEgg

Top-Notch Visitor Behavior Visualizer – ClickTale this even creates videos of users moving through your website. Very compelling.

Web Analytics, Evaluating the Right Metrics

5 Invisible Best Practices for Your New Website

Blizzard’s Comprehensive Plans offer the highest level of analytics and usability performance

Our Website Usability Testing Focus Plan is dedicated towards testing the usability of your website and improving it to increase conversion rates.

Blizzard’s Usability and post-click marketing experts are available for consultation.