Are You Wasting Your Hard-Earned Dollars in PPC?

Do You Even Know If Your PPC Campaigns are Working?

There are thousands of ways to advertise online, but how do you know that your advertising budget is being used effectively?  Displaying paid ads on Google AdWords is the best, most effective, and usable platform for successful pay-per-click advertising.

Our Google AdWords Certified Experts know what it takes to create dynamic ads and find the keywords that will reach your customers and maximize the return on your ad dollar.

Running Powerful Pay-Per-Click Marketing Campaigns Means:

  • In-Depth Research: Keyword Research is the foundation of setting up a profitable campaign.  Blizzard uses best-of-breed research tools including Wordtracker and Trellian’s Keyword Discovery to handpick the best keywords for your paid search campaign.
  • Targeted Campaigns: Keep your word groupings targeted to one subject. All of your geo-targeted terms should be in one group, lodging terms in another, area attractions in yet another . This way you can control the amount of your budget that is spent on each category.
  • High-Quality Landing Pages: Having the right landing pages on YOUR website is key to keeping your cost-per-click low.
  • Analytics Tracking: A robust analytics program is key to measuring the success of your search Campaigns. We use Google Analytics because it can easily track e-commerce including online bookings (depending on your reservation software.)  Knowing where your paid advertising budget is being spent is the key to measuring the success of your paid search campaigns. Your Blizzard Marketing Expert can set campaigns up to track the revenue from specific ad groups and even keywords within your paid search campaigns.

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