Search Engine Optimization

Can Your Customers Find You Easily in Google When They Search?

Almost every day, someone comes to us and says, “I have a website, but when I search for it I can’t find it anywhere, can you help?”

Blizzard’s Experts know the best-practice SEO techniques that will help increase your website’s rank.  Blizzard starts with a strong foundation of keyword research and strategy creation.

Do You Want to Rank for MORE phrases?

In today’s saturated online market, you are competing with literally millions of other websites for a presence in thousands of phrases.  Blizzard knows how to reach down deep into the long-tail of keyword phrases to attract qualified visitors.

Do You Want to Rank Better For Competitive Phrases?

Blizzard Internet Marketing will help you take the key pages on your website and optimize the key pages for specific keywords for better placement in competitive and lucrative terms.

Are Your Listings Getting Clicked?

Blizzard makes sure that you sound appealing when you do show up in Google. Getting the click is as important as showing up! Optimizing your website to compete in search engines is an important part of the puzzle, but it’s not going to guarantee visitors. It’s vital to have a well crafted marketing message on your descriptions as well as content that reflects your branding to attract visitors.

Nearly 96% of Google clicks come from the first page Source

SEO has many components with one thing in common – to help web pages rank higher in the search engine results.

This is accomplished by working towards three main goals:

  1. Make the site as relevant as possible for the search term(s) for which you want it to rank.
  2. Communicate that relevance to search engines.
  3. Encourage and enable others to communicate that relevance to search engines.

Some of the techniques used to accomplish these goals include:

On Site Optimization:

Off Site Optimization:

Each of these techniques must incorporate strategies customized for the web site being optimized.  Blizzard Internet Marketing can provide you will the full suite of SEO services needed to attain your online business goals.

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