Best Practices

How Do You Insure That Your SEO Company is Not Just Credible, but Excellent?

Don’t trust the future of your web site and your online business to just anyone. Make certain that you choose an industry recognized Search Engine Marketing Firm who is willing and able to protect and enhance your online investment.

Before making a commitment, ask the questions:


As in most professions, experience counts. However, the internet is a marketing space that is always changing and successful firms know how to deal with new standards so their clients rank well in search engines overtime.

Ask how many web sites they have been responsible for optimizing and ask them to show you where some of their clients rank in Google.


There is no universally accepted certification for SEO’s. However, any one who has taken the time and effort to become certified by a reputable organization demonstrates a commitment to the profession and to proving and improving their knowledge and skills.


There may be a few colleges teaching SEO, but don’t expect to find someone with a degree in Search Engine Optimization or online marketing. While a business or traditional marketing degree is useful for Search Engine Marketing, it provides little benefit in understanding how Search Engines work.

Most SEOs learn by doing under the guidance of more experienced consultants, but some of the very best are self-taught. They have a passion for the craft and a natural talent for understanding how all the intricacies of the algorithms mesh together.

Search Engine Optimization changes at the speed of the web, so the SEO you choose should be committed to attending industry conferences and continually reading, studying, analyzing and testing new ideas and techniques.

Industry Recognition

Top SEO’s are recognized and accepted by others in the profession as thought leaders. They write articles, blog and are invited to teach and speak at workshops and conferences. They have also developed a network of colleagues they can confer with on SEO issues, which can be very valuable to their clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art and science of improving web pages so they will rank better in the Search Engines Results Pages.

What’s the trick to SEO?

In the early days of the web, it was easy to trick the Search Engines into believing a page was more relevant than others for a certain search term. It was even possible to convince the Search Engines that a page was about something completely different that it actually was. The Search Engines, particularly Google, have become much more sophisticated and these techniques no longer work. In fact, it is now dangerous to use them.

How to you get pages to rank well?

The key to good rankings is relevance. The Search Engines are committed to returning the most relevant results they can find for any given search. A good optimizer works to make a web site and its pages as relevant as possible for the terms for which they’d like them to be found. They also work to make certain that these very relevant pages can easily be found and indexed by the Search Engines because, if pages are not in the index, they cannot rank.

What techniques do SEO’s use?

  • Keyword Research – determining what words people use to look for the information contained on your web pages, analyzing them and strategizing how you will use them on your site.
  • SEO Web Site Design – Creating an easy to crawl and index website, so the spiders, like Googlebot, can see all of your pages and know what they are about.
  • Content Building – Creating plenty of unique, useful, relevant content
  • Promotion – marketing your site across the internet to gain web traffic and good incoming links

Can I do my own SEO?

Anyone can learn Search Engine Optimization, but it’s often difficult to distinguish the hype from the facts. Don’t buy into any of the quick and easy schemes – they don’t work.

Make certain you learn from proven, reputable sources and then keep up with changes in the Search Engines.

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