The Travel Purchase Funnel for Internet Users

According to a Google study of 5,000 Personal and Business Travelers:

How Personal Traveler used the Internet:

  • 65% Helped Me Learn More
  • 61% Provided Information to Help Me Decide
  • 34% Prompted Me to Book

How Business Travelers used the Internet:

  • 63% Helped Me Learn More
  • 60% Provided Information to Help Me Decide
  • 39% Prompted Me to Book

Booking Rates for the Hotel Industry

Tnooz reports in Five reasons why holiday rentals are becoming mini-hotels some booking rate data:

“Industry studies show that the overwhelming majority of travelers (up to 80%) select their accommodation through the Internet and over 50% end up booking online.

82% of hotel guests prefer to book directly at the website of the property if they can get a good price and a trustworthy experience.”

40 Percent of Hotel Bookings Fail Because…

Stephen Joice of T4 Blog shares findings from Iperception’s Hospitality Index Report:

  • 40% of customers failed to complete a booking on a hotel website because of booking or navigation problems.
  • Price on the other hand only accounted for 13% of customers failing to complete a booking.

Visit his article for more on this and the cost of so many abandoned booking engine transactions.

Vacation Rental Online Booking Behavior

FlipKey interviewed 177 consumers who had recently evaluated vacation rentals on several listing services and found:

  • Only 60% successfully located and booked a vacation rental property.
  • Of the 40% who where unable to identify accommodations, the majority chose not to book due to the lack of availability, attractiveness and/or cost of the options they identified.
  • Among those that choose to book a hotel room or B&B, 67% cited that finding a hotel/B&B was significantly easier than finding a vacation home
  • 50% cited they simply could not find a vacation home that was available
  • 22% were concerned about the quality of the vacation home options they identified.

These concerns highlight addressable challenges that are handicapping the industry’s true potential.

*Data from FlipKey Vacation Rental Research Report, Aug 2007