Evidence that Pay Per Click PPC Supplanting Organic Results in Google

According to WordStream, a PPC technology and search engine marketing software company that just published some research on the state of Google search:

  • The click-through rate of paid search advertisements on Google now outnumbers ‘free’ organic search result listings by nearly a 2:1 ratio for high commercial intent keyword searches conducted in the U.S.,
  • When people are searching in order to investigate or make a purchase, over 64% click a sponsored result.
  • Google has also increased the on-screen real estate for paid ads for high commercial intent keywords. In some cases, between the top of the page and the right-hand side, sponsored ads take up approximately 85% of “above the fold” pixels. As a result the top three sponsored ad listings generate for over 40% of clicks on those pages, and product listing ads 19%.
  • Total click-through rates for Google ads on high commercial intent queries are up to 600 times higher than the click-through rates for ads on a typical Facebook page.

Source: http://www.inc.com/jeff-haden/how-google-is-killing-organic-search.html and http://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2012/07/17/google-advertising

Here is an infographic with all that data and more:

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