Online Reputation Management Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

Are You Aware That Guests Will Book Nights Based on Reviews They’ve Read About Your Property?

Are you aware of your property’s reviews on

Do you know what a blog is? Have you ever posted to one?

If you answered “No” to any of the questions above, you need to learn more about how to implement an online reputation management program via important resources like TripAdvisor and Yahoo! Travel.

This 20-page industry-targeted whitepaper by Carrie Hill will give you great information on how review sites are used, along with actionable techniques for taking control of your online reputation.

The information contained in this paper is applicable to the smallest bed and breakfast or a multi-million dollar chain of hotels. Every general manager should know how to respond to a negative review and have an action plan in place should the need arise.

Get ahead of your competition by downloading the whitepaper today!