Travel Maps for the Hotel, Resort and Vacation Rental Websites

By Carrie Hill, Director of Search Strategy, and Jill Trujillo, Marketing and Brand Manager

If you rely on bringing guests to your door, as most hospitality lodging websites do, then having an interactive and easy to use map on your website is an invaluable tool for your users.

Blizzard’s website mapping solutions are not only user-friendly, they’re SEO friendly and sure to provide your website visitors with a great resource and look into the things to do in your area. Show potential guests the attractions and activities located nearby. Remember, your hotel amenities are important, but nearby amenities and attractions are just as important.

Our mapping solutions use a third-party software called CommunityWalk to establish points on a map that can be easily embedded into your website. This informative whitepaper will give you insight into the many benefits available should you choose to provide your guests with this great resource.

Take control of your map presence not only on your website, but also across the internet and download our Travel Maps for Hotel, Resort and Vacation Rental Websites whitepaper today, here: