How To Cash in on Misspellings

Skaneateles. Natchitoches. Waxahachie. It’s no wonder these and many other location names are often misspelled by online searchers looking at travel destinations. At one time, webmasters placed misspelled terms in the long string of meta keywords in the source code of websites. Another trick employed to try to rank for these terms was to actually place misspelled words within the website’s text.

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Marketing a Smaller Property to Business Travelers

An excellent way to fill rooms in a bed & breakfast, inn, or smaller hotel is by marketing to the business traveler. Generally, these are mid-week bookings that can improve your travel  property’s bottom-line. With just a few accommodations that will generally benefit all guests, not just the business traveler, you can capitalize on this growing demographic. has an excellent article in the Business Traveler Do’s and Don’ts section of their March 2006 newsletter about how a few small things can make online marketing to the business traveler easy and successful. For additional information, you can also check out Matt Creer’s February article from this newsletter blog by clicking here.

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Blizzard Toolbox – Marketleap Link Popularity Check

Link popularity is important to search engine rankings for your travel and tourism website. To see yours, visit Enter your own URL and the URL’s of up to 3 of your competitors in the hospital industry, if you wish. Type in the captcha ( and see results for Google, MSN, Yahoo and Hotbot. By clicking on the underlined number, you can see the links regonized by that particular search engine.

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Marketleap Results Page

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What are Metatags?

Metatags are lines of code that are placed behind the scenes on a website. Search engines look at these lines, along with the content, to determine where to rank a site in organic search listings. The only portion of Metatags you will see on your travel or lodging website is in the Title Tag, which will appear at the very top of the browser window when someone is viewing that page. We incorporate researching and writing Metatags into the optimization process for client websites.

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The Power of a Good Review

So, you’ve decided on your vacation destination, but how do you decide where to stay? Every day, more and more travelers rely on travel review websites, part of the “Social Internet”, to help them find activities and accommodations that fit exactly what they’re looking for. is the undisputed leader in Internet travel review websites. Currently, the site tracks over 19 million worldwide unique visitors to their site each month. With this huge amount of traffic, a lodging propertyor travel destination in a very competitive area cannot afford to be left behind. Something as simple as asking a guest to leave a review at after his or her stay at your lodging property can increase the number of great reviews, and therefore lend more credibility to your bed and breakfast, inn, hotel or vacation rental. You can even direct them to access the correct property on via a link from your website, which is an easy way to ensure the review gets put in the right spot.

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Google Earth

Google Earth offers an amazing satellite view of the earth. It is so neat and so hard to explain, we insist you try it! Go to and download the free version. Then, start “surfing the earth. As you tour around the earth, check out the Grand Canyon and NYC.

From a marketing standpoint for your travel business, you can log in to the Google Earth Community and make “placemarks” about your area, including your business. There are many other marketing opportunities (creating online tours, saving screenshots) that Google Earth could be used for. Please share a marketing idea in our comments if you have one.

Google Earth map of Glenwood Springs
Glenwood Springs, Colorado
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Google’s “Big Daddy” Data Center Update

Big Daddy Race CarAccording to Matt Cutts, the Big Daddy Data Center Race is almost over. In one to two weeks, the update should be finished. It took much less time than Matt first predicted. Blizzard is happy so far with our clients’ positions at the white flag.

From the results we have seen, our promotion clients, as expected, have faired very well. Few, if any, lost rank or position in Google, many maintained their position, and quite a few had an increase. This means that the hard work the promotion teams have been doing not only follows Google’s policies, but has helped most clients overall. We will let you know when this race has hit the checkered flag in a couple weeks. Thank you all for your patience.

If you have a question about the update or a change in your ranking, please post a comment to this article. We will try to answer questions as quickly as possible (remember we take weekends off, too!)

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What is Optimization?

Optimization has a simple goal: improved search engine results. Typically, optimization means keywords are strategically placed on your travel website in places like the text, metatags, headers, title, etc. It can also involve other unseen activities like CSS, html re-coding, alt tags, hosting configuration etc. It is typically an ongoing (and even iterative) process process with evolving techniques and changing standards. Check out Search Engine Optimization at Wikipedia for more details and history.

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Online Marketing Makes a Difference

According to a recent Yahoo! study, eighty-seven percent of vacationers who had stayed at a luxury resort at least two times within the past two years used the Internet to plan their trip. What does this mean for you? The greater exposure your travel destination webite has on the Internet, and the more information you have available on your website, the more likely you are to get traffic from travelers and potential guests. Effectively optimizing and promoting your website is key in targeting potential guests, as your resort or hotel website is essentially what is going to convince them to stay with you or go elsewhere.

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