Blizzard’s 1st All Star Team Award Winner – Beach Properties of Hilton Head

At Blizzard Internet we seek clients who wish to work in partnership with us because we can only be successful if our client’s are successful.  We want to honor clients who are great partners, are open to new strategies, and take initiative to improve with a new award: The Blizzard All Star Team Award!

The team at Beach Properties of Hilton Head is first recipient of this Award.

Beach Properties owners, Ray and Linda, attended one of Blizzards’ first search marketing workshops in Glenwood Springs where they learned about the broad range of search marketing tasks and strategies they could implement to be a successful company. In fact, there are so many tasks that they decided to dedicate an in-house team to assist with their search engine rankings, driving more traffic to their site and converting more visitors into reservations. They really stepped up to the plate!

The Marketing Team at Beach Properties now consists of Brooke and Meg who do much of the SEO, paid advertising management and website updates with guidance from Blizzard.

Brooke and Meg are proactive partners; they bring new ideas to consider and they follow through with everything they say that they will do. Linda and Ray sent Brooke to the Blizzard University in Glenwood Springs last fall where she was an enthusiastic student with a lot of great questions. (We also all loved hanging out with her – come back this year Brooke and bring Meg!)

The company tracks revenue generated from the website, so together we mine the data to determine what campaigns are most successful, what isn’t working, and what we can do to improve and surpass the competition.

It takes a group effort from both Blizzards’ team of marketing experts and Beach Properties’ marketing staff to accomplish their level of online success, and we are thankful to have such great partners.

Thank you Ray, Linda, Brooke, Meg and the rest of the Beach Properties team for being such a pleasure to work with!

Best of Online Marketing from VRMA

This post began as a presentation given at two recent Vacation Rental Manager Association conferences.

The goal was to create a list of great online marketing examples to help other vacation rental managers plan their next great website or marketing effort.

So without further ado…

A  Showcase of our favorite Online Marketing examples by VRMA Members

Your Website matters, especially your booking engine.

We looked at 10 vacation rental websites and found that 73.4% of the guest’s website interaction happened  in the booking engine (measured by pageviews).

Certainly it is worth it for the average VR manager to pay close attention to the usability and overall effectiveness of their booking engine.

Next we used BlizzardTracker to determine that in March 2011, 68 vacation rental manager websites averaged a 36% bounce rate:

Of those websites, 29 were engaged in eCommerce with a .42% conversion rate on average.  In other words, they got 1 online booking for every 233 visitors to their website.

Anything you can do to get that bounce rate down and that conversion rate UP is good.

Here is a sample sales funnel where you can see, for this particular VRM, a .68% conversion rate, with the sales funnels starting at the property page.  (At bottom of the chart it shows a .63% funnel, but that is starting from the search results page, which was cropped from this image.) Read more

What would one million new visitors mean to YOUR business?

Sunset VacationsSunset Vacations is a vacation rental management company on Sunset Beach, NC.

Blizzard designed a new website that went live during March 2008.  Since then, has had an increase of over one million visitors from the year before. The client reported great improvements in both online bookings and reservations via phone calls.

One million more visitors can make a difference! Read more