Best Websites to Discover Design Ideas and Get Inspired

The worst way to get inspiration for your own web design is your competitors!

Here are some great websites to turn to for inspiration:

24 Beautiful Hotel Website Designs to Get Inspired

Checking in Hotel Web Design: 50 Cosy Hotel Websites and Trends

90+ Remarkable Examples Of Bold Colors In Web Design

50 Excellent Corporate Website Designs

35 Beautiful Water-themed Web Designs for Inspiration

30 Beautifully Textured Web Designs

Web Design Trends: Testimonials Design

20 Super Creative Website Menus

Web Design – Pricing Tables

30 Best Free Icon Sets for Bloggers is a good place to go to get cool looking Facebook and other blogger icons.

The Importance Of Wireframes In Web Design And 9 Tools To Create Wireframes is worth investigating if you want to create visual mockups of your website and/or its navigation

And it wouldn’t be right to not mention the two “meta sites” that have these and lots more:

DesignFollow: best of design and Web Development and more

Super List of Web Designs Round Up for Inspiration

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