Do You Need Just a Little Bit of Online Marketing Help?

A Few Hours of Training, Troubleshooting or Consultation is the Perfect Solution!

Hire a Blizzard expert for just a few hours of help and accelerate your success. Internet success comes from a well designed and executed strategy backed by a team of experts who are dedicated to long term results.

Our team is devoted to researching and practicing the latest strategies that have been proven successful and are ready to compliment your strategy with personalized consulting about internet marketing.

Blizzard Internet Marketing has specialists in every area of online marketing including: award winning SEO team members, certified analytics professionals, web site designers and developers, and marketing strategist who work together to provide profitable services for their clients.

By popular demand, we now offer consultation plans with our team, so you can get hands-on, personalized expert guidance for the online marketing areas that you need to gain success online.

Consult, One-on-One, with Blizzard Internet’s Experts About Your:

Search Engine Optimization
A website without search engine optimization is like a car without engine; it may look good but it isn’t going anywhere.   For over 13 years, Blizzard Internet Marketing has been the leader in search engine optimization and has successfully optimized the hospitality industry’s top web sites to organically rank high in competitive markets for the long run.  Consult with our search engine optimization and marketing team and learn what you need to know to improve your search rankings, drive qualified traffic, and outrank your competitors.

Paid Advertising and Pay-Per-Click Marketing
Pay-per-click marketing via Google AdWords is one of the fastest ways to bring targeted traffic to your website. Consult and learn paid advertising best practices from our Google AdWords Certified Experts including market analysis, competitive research,  and keyword selection to get the most traffic for your marketing dollar.

Website Usability and Design for Conversions
You have probably looked at your web site a million times, right? You know where to navigate to find the information that you are looking for, but does the everyday visitor know where you want them to go? Consult with a usability and search engine optimization expert who will show you what updates and changes need to be made so your web site will convert. After all, isn’t that the point of having a website?

Facebook and Twitter Visibility
There is no doubt that social media and the power of social networks is here to stay. Learn what you need to know to properly set up a Facebook profile and a Twitter account for your brand that will create more guests, find lifelong company advocates, and successfully show off your brand.

Tracking with Google Analytics
Tracking visitors on your web site and being able to analyze the data to make informed business decisions could very well be the most important part of marketing online. Learn how to successfully set up Google Analytics tracking on your website, how to create reports, analyze traffic and make intelligent changes based on the data.

WordPress – Content Management and Website Design
With more than a decade of design experience and over 200 websites designed using WordPress, Blizzard Internet Marketing is known as a leading website design firm in the hospitality industry.  Consult with Blizzard Internet’s Design Experts and learn the best practices that will help you rank well in search engines, drive traffic to your website, and convert the web site looker into a booker.

Pricing varies based on your needs.

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