Google Analytics Focus Plan

You Can’t Improve On What You Don’t Measure

Adjust your online marketing strategy based on key measurements to increase your profitability with Google Analytics tracking.

The Google Analytics Focus Plan includes everything you need to set up for success:

ROI Tracking:
Tracking ROI involves tracking the source and dollar value of online bookings. Tracking the sources of your bookings allows you to intelligently adjust your advertising dollars and operate your website more profitably. Blizzard will either install or work with your Webmaster to install tracking scripts .

Conversion Funnel Set-Up:
Monitoring your conversion funnel allows you to determine which parts of your website are causing potential guests to drop out of the process. This creates opportunities to improve the parts of your website that are under-performing.

Detailed Reporting:
Automated reporting will automatically email you specific reports for specific time frames. Having the most important reports provided to you regularly improves your oversight and saves you time.

Blizzard will provide a 1 hour training session to make sure you know how to effectively utilize your powerful Google Analytics account.  We keep you up to date on new Google features.

Before the installation, we get together to discuss your goals so we know what to measure and exactly what metrics you need to see to be profitable. We will also check in with you to review your analytics and help you interpret the data. Our findings should help you increase your traffic and most importantly, increase your conversion rates.

Google Analytics Focus Plan Price
Analytics Set Up for $2,000

You can’t afford to miss another day without knowing how your site is performing.

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