Link Marketing Plans

Are Your Search Engine Rankings Suffering Because You Lack Quality Links?

Who links to your website and how many quality links that are pointing to your website really does matter; it may be the difference between ranking on the first page or the second page of a search engine result page.

According to the industry’s top Search Engine Marketing’s experts, incoming links to a website affect search engine rankings more than any other factor (

Our goal is to research and obtain links over the life of your plan that will be of high quality and will improve your search engine presence in the long run. Please be aware that competition, availability and budget can affect the quality and number of links we can obtain on your behalf.

The Link Marketing Focus Plan Includes:

  • Baseline of incoming links as seen from Google and Yahoo.
  • Research to find the most relevant and high quality links that are related to your region and to the travel market of your area.
  • Submission of your website to the link sources and related sites.
  • 1 hour of consultation via phone and email per month.

Link Marketing Focus Plan Options:

25 Link Plan 35 Link Plan 50 Link Plan
25 Link Submissions 35 Link Submissions 50 Link Submissions
$831 per month for 4 months*
$700 per month for 6 months*
$539 per month for 12 months*
* Advertising Budget: It is important to remember that link building is not “free.”  There are sites that require a review or listing fee to be included.  This IS technically “buying links” but that’s not necessarily an awful thing if we’re doing it the right way.We suggest a 12-21% budget for purchasing these links.

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