Paid Advertising with Google AdWords

Is Your Pay Per Click Campaign Producing Real ROI?

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing can be effective and lucrative, when the managed correctly.  Blizzard’s Google AdWords Focus Plan targets the keyword phrases, search engines and placements with the highest conversion rates so that you see the most return on your marketing investment.

How Often Do You Maintain and Pay Attention to Your PPC Campaigns?
Are your PPC campaigns on autopilot, or are you maintaining each campaign by hand? Let Blizzard’s Google AdWords Certified Experts save you time and money by leveraging our updating system that continuously analyzes search data to bring the most qualified visitors for your marketing dollar.

Why a Blizzard Focus Plan?
Blizzard Internet Marketing’s AdWords Focus Plan is designed to deliver a straight forward pay per click solution that targets ROI.  Pay per click marketing is an important slice of your internet marketing presence, and when it’s well managed, payoffs are increased.

Detailed reporting is a huge benefit of running an AdWords campaign because it enables you to have precise tracking of the effectiveness of your investment.

Google AdWords Reporting Includes Key Metrics Including:

  • The average placement of your ad
  • The number of impressions and clicks each ad has received
  • Average cost per click
  • And most importantly, conversion data

Google AdWords Paid Advertising Focus Plan Includes:

  • Google AdWords account setup or overhaul
  • Regular maintenance of AdWords account
  • Monthly AdWords Reporting
  • Monthly Consultation

Focus Plan Prices – The Google AdWords Plan Has 2 Budget Components:

1.  Paid Traffic Ad Expense Budget: this is the budget that we pay to Google to drive traffic to your website.

2.  Monthly Management Budget: this is the budget for Blizzard to work on your behalf. This includes campaign set up, research, maintenance, management, ongoing reporting, and pay per click consultation. The pricing is based on your monthly Ad Expense Budget.

Ad Expense Budget Range
Monthly Management Budget
$1,001 to $5,000 per Month $999 per Month
$501 to $1,000 per Month $917 per Month
Up to $500 per Month $834 per Month
*Note: there are 2 budgets for this plan: the budget paid monthly for Ad Expenses and the Blizzard budget for management.
For example, if you choose to spend $1,600 per month as your Ad Budget, your monthly total will be $1,600 + $999, which is $2,599 per month for 12 months.

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