Social Media and Reputation Management

Why Does Your Business Need to Bother with Social Media and Your Online Reputation?

In the vast cloud that is social media, it is sometimes easy to lose track of the point. Let’s boil things down to the bare bones so we can understand why this is truly important to your business.

Social media is the creation and sharing of content and media by online users.

The user creates and shares their content because they have something to say and use the internet as a way to be heard.

The average Joe now has the power to “speak” out in so many forums; we can blog, we can wiki, we can Facebook, we can Twitter, we can LinkedIn, we can YouTube, we can Trip Advisor, we can FlipKey, we can go on and on.

Social media is the online discussion; users can share opinions, talk about things they have in common, educate each other, and they can do it with ease from computers and phones.


So what does this have to do with tourism, and particularly, your business?

Because your customers are out there creating and sharing content about you! Are you part of the conversation? The vast potential for good (and bad) publicity that social media offers, in most cases, is completely free and is something you have to take part in.

Guests who stay at a luxury 5-star resort are no more satisfied with their stay than guests who stay at a 2-star hotel. Source


Are you paying attention, are you joining the conversation? If you need guidance to make social media work for you, Blizzard Internet Marketing is your resource. Our social media exerts can help anyone from the novice user to the seasoned expert who is looking to stay one step ahead of the competition. Contact us today and we can create a social media plan that will make you money while fitting into your skill set, time constraints, and budget.

When planning travel, 64.5% of consumers read online reviews of accommodations and activities. Source



Blizzard’s Social Media and Reputation Management Plan Includes:

  • Research and report on social presence and reputation
  • Set-up alerts on your brand name and domain to forward directly to designated e-mail address
  • Facebook fan page set-up or overhaul
  • Create one (1) Facebook Advertising Campaign with Thirty-Party Expense budget
  • Weekly Facebook Advertising Maintenance (one and one half (1.5) hours per month)
  • Create Facebook “Like” Code for client to add and implement
  • Twitter account set-up or overhaul
  • Create a client review page with coding for client to implement
  • Create/Claim Google Plus listing and update
  • Training and education on how to manage online reviews via Ongoing Consultation
  • Ongoing Consultation and training on Social Media and Reputation Management – one and one half (1.5) hours per month
Length of Plan
Monthly Price
6 Months $800 per Month
12 Months $600per Month


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