Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is when U.S. travelers travel to another country to receive medical, surgical or dental care. According to the Ypartnership's research on medical tourism in its 2010 Portrait Of American Travelers, fully one-half (50%) of leisure travelers are now familiar with the concept of “medical tourism,” and one out of six (17%) would consider having a medical procedure done outside the U.S. assuming it is of comparable quality. Another one out of five (22%) is “not sure.”
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Research: Travel Shopper Online Behavior from Google and Compete

As the economy has slowed, having an up-to-date perspective on consumer travel demand and preferences is more important than ever. Using an in-depth survey of traveler perspectives and a detailed online behavioral analysis, Google and Compete have partnered to create a new study exploring how consumers are shopping for travel in today’s economy. * Travel Researchers are visiting fewer travel sites. from 3 sites in 07 to 2 sites in 08 * Bookers are more active – 16.4% of bookers visit 10+ sites! avg 5.4 sites * 15 million travel researchers using search monthly * 70% of travel search coming through Google. 20% from Yahoo * 54% travelers use search engine as go to source for travel ideas and information * 44% prefer to spend money on travel than material things * 86% of travelers use internet for travel decisions. Family & friends next, but only 37%
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Is the Old Off-Season the New On-Season?

Compete released some interesting data yesterday about how consumers…
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Travel Industry gets 33% of Traffic from Search Engines

The ‘Travel’ online industry received an average of 32.94% of its upstream traffic from search engines over the past 6 months.
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Leisure Travelers Online Booking Rates

52% of leisure travelers purchase all or most of their personal travel online. 72% purchase at least some.
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2009 International Travel to US Stats

In 2009 total U.S. international travel receipts was $120 billion.
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Discover How and Why Location Based Services are Being Used in Marketing

Is it a just a game fad or a great loyalty marketing? Some innovative…
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Create a Proactive Online Marketing Frenzy During Adverse Times

Lodging managers and owners usually provide their own public…
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Escapia Vacation Rental Seminar 2010: Vacation Rentals 3.0

Join Escapia and Blizzard Internet Marketing, Inc. on May 20th…
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Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Not Yet Affecting Gulf Shore Beaches

While it’s not yet known how severely the beaches of the Gulf…
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Search Engine Marketing Workshop for Hospitality Marketers

Blizzard Internet Marketing, a Glenwood Springs, Colorado search marketing company will host a 2 day workshop for hospitality marketers September 29-30, 2009.
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