Sales Assistant


The Sales Assistant position requires responsibility and self-motivation. This position is responsible for various sales-related administrative duties, customer service, event planning and assisting with marketing initiatives.

While we will answer questions and guide you in the position, this is not a position where you will receive much on-the-job training. We seek someone who is a motivated, organized self-starter who is constantly learning and growing.

Required Qualities & Characteristics:

Self-starter, motivated, independent, honest, integrity, loyal, articulate, communicative, sense of humor, organized, efficient, punctual, confident, firm, decisive, non-judgmental, polite, pleasant, conscientious, practical, spontaneous, thorough, diligent, intelligent, mature, problem solver, compassionate, good listener, attentive, patient, disciplined, thoughtful, flexible, able to multi-task.

Essential Functions:

Sales Administrative Tasks:

  • Keep contact database up to date
  • Schedule calls for sales reps of high priority leads
  • Manage sales leads as they come in and reply with the appropriate sales message
  • Record sales and marketing expenses

Event Planning:

  • Research and arrange for event venues, catering, A/V rental, as well as attendance at conferences
  • Coordination of sales team business travel including arrangement of flights and accommodations
  • Oversight and shipping of tradeshow/conference collateral materials


  • Assist with printing company materials, booklets
  •  Follow up with lead information and post-Trade Show duties
  • Help with updating website regarding testimonials and blurbs
  • Coordinate Constant Contact emails

Sales Process:

  • Maintain proposal template, contracts and other sales material.
  • Set up new sales in Blizzard’s internal database.
  • Assist as a point of contact between the Sales and Service departments.
  • Prepare a welcome kit with applicable documents and send to new sale prospects.
  • Work with new and current clients to close new sales, thus improving the understanding of the sales process.

Customer Service:

  • Address incoming client requests by phone, email, and personal visits
  • New sales contract processing & setup
  • Contacting clients who have not responded to late payment notices/li>
  • Reporting of customer accounts
  • Ongoing documentation for new/existing procedures
  • Answer main operator phone calls

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Assist other departments with various tasks as assigned


  • Highly proficient in Microsoft Office Excel, Word and Outlook programs
  • Knowledge of Salesforce, Hubspot and Quickbooks (to look up customer account data) is preferred.
  • Demonstrated ability to work with multiple software programs
  • High attention to detail
  • Strong knowledge of using and navigating the internet to research, shop and buy products, including travel
  • Master at organization and process improvement
  • High level of decision-making capabilities
  • Strong communicator both verbally and in writing
  • Able to work in afast-pacedd, learning environment
  • Exhibit Excellent Team and A-Player Characteristics:
    • Quality of Work
    • Fairness
    • Accountability for Actions
    • Teamwork
    • Work/Life Balance for Self and Team
    • Integrity in all Internal and External Dealings
    • Demonstrate the ability to prioritize tasks and time
    • Infallible work ethic
    • Flexibility & Willingness to adjust in response to the constant changes in techniques
    • Drive and passion for continuing education to learn new software, techniques, and procedures.

Ultimately, we’re looking for outgoing, driven, passionate and curious individuals who enjoy a casual, dog-friendly work environment.


  • Medical Benefits as well as Dental and Vision options
  • 401k
  • Paid holidays, vacation, and sick time