Digital Marketing Professionals

Several Digital Marketing positions are available!



All positions require responsibility, self-motivation, and excellent organizational skills. You will be responsible for managing the day-to-day marketing tasks of multiple projects while educating staff members and clients in the current, emerging, and existing online marketing trends. You will also be responsible for continuing education to enhance and grow Blizzard’s knowledge of and standing in the industry.

Required Areas of Expertise:

  • SEO and/or
  • Pay Per Click and/or
  • Social Media and/or
  • Email Marketing and/or
  • Generalist managing marketing plans using multiple Online Marketing channels

Essential Functions:

Duties Include:

  • Research
  • Manage and Produce Deliverables
  • Analyze Results
  • Process Development
  • Keeping Up with Trends
  • Assisting Department with any Overflow Work


To perform the job successfully, an individual should demonstrate the following competencies:

  • Organization:
    • Thrives in a multiple client and multiple project environment.
  • Problem Solving:
    • A hands-on approach to problem-solving; identifying issues and using initiative and available resources to generate solutions. Propose solutions before the customer brings problems to your attention.
  • Communication:
    • Facilitates team and client meetings effectively.
    • Understands how to communicate difficult and sensitive information tactfully.
    • Ability to communicate effectively with customers and colleagues.
  • Teamwork:
    • Consistently acknowledges and appreciates each team member’s contributions.
    • Effectively utilizes each team member to his/her fullest potential.
    • Utilizes team to work together in the most efficient manner.
    • Keeps track of lessons learned and shares those lessons with team members.
    • Mitigates team conflict and communication problems.
  • Customer Service:
    • A positive attitude to publicly deal with people professionally.
  • Prioritization:
    • Demonstrate the ability to prioritize tasks and time, and possess organizational skills.
  • Technical Skills:
    • Pursues training and development opportunities.


  • Experience of working with a team.
  • Excellent working knowledge of online marketing and how it relates to the hospitality industry.
  • A good understanding of what it takes to develop and maintain the most productive client relationships.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience with Blizzard’s product and the delivery of services.
  • BA, BS or equivalent experience required.

General Requirements:

  • Good verbal & written communication skills and have the ability to work within a team environment.
  • Desire and ability to keep up with trends in the online marketing industry.
  • Professional customer service skills.
  • Detail-oriented.
  • Accountability.
  • Great organizational skills.
  • Positive attitude.
  • Team player.
  • Leadership.
  • Great communication.
  • Passionate and committed.
  • Timely completion of special assigned tasks.
  • Strong understanding of Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Outlook programs.
  • Strong knowledge of using and navigating the internet to research, shop and buy products, including travel.
  • Drive and passion for continuing education to learn new software, techniques and procedures.
  • Exhibit Excellent Team and A-Player Characteristics
    • Quality of Work.
    • Fairness.
    • Accountability for actions.
    • Teamwork.
    • Work/Life Balance for self and team.
    • Integrity in all internal and external dealings.
    • Demonstrate the ability to prioritize tasks and time.
    • Infallible work ethic
    • Flexibility & willingness to adjust in response to the constant changes in techniques.

Ultimately, we’re looking for outgoing, driven, passionate and curious individuals who enjoy a casual, dog-friendly work environment.


    • Medical Benefits as well as Dental and Vision options after 60 days or 2 full months of employment.
    • Paid Vacation Days.
    • Sick pay (five sick days per year).
    • Holiday pay (nine holidays per year).