WordPress Website Designer

Blizzard is seeking a WordPress Website Designer to work with our Design Department. Required skills include advanced knowledge of WordPress, PHP, Javascript, CSS and problem solving.

Essential Functions:

  • Create/Design New WordPress Websites.
  • Support our portfolio of WordPress websites.
  • Troubleshoot WordPress Website Errors – ex: resolving conflicts between themes, plugins and custom code.
  • Style our Blizzard Reservation Engine product. This includes advanced knowledge in PHP, SCSS, HTML, GIT.


To perform the job successfully, an individual should demonstrate the following competencies:wordpress-logo-3d-300x300

  • Demonstrate ability to prioritize tasks and time, and possess organizational skills
  • Problem Solving – a hands-on approach to problem solving; identifying issues, using initiative and available resources to generate solutions. Propose solutions before the customer brings problems to your attention.
  • Communication
    • Facilitates team and client meetings effectively
    • Understands how to communicate difficult and sensitive information tactfully
    • Ability to communicate effectively to customers and colleagues
  • Teamwork
    • Effectively utilizes each team member’s expertise to his or her fullest potential
    • Utilizes team to work together in the most efficient manner
    • Mitigates team conflict and communication problems
  • Customer Service: A positive attitude to publicly deal with people
  • Technical Skills – pursues training and development opportunities
  • Attendance/Punctuality – This is a full-time job and employee is expected to work 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week with some flexibility.
  • Project Management – demonstrates the ability to effectively complete projects and meet deadlines.


  • Experience of working with a team
  • Ability to follow established corporate branding guidelines.
  • Excellent working knowledge of online marketing and how it relates to the hospitality industry
  • A good understanding of what it takes to develop and maintain the most productive client relationships
  • BA, BS or equivalent experience required

We’re looking for people with a passion for learning, a team-centric attitude, and a willingness to do what it takes to make our clients happy. Requirements for position:

  • Strong understanding of Adobe, Code Editing Software, FTP, Google Suite, Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Outlook programs
  • Strong knowledge and skillset of troubleshooting and organization.
  • Exhibit Excellent Team and A-Player Characteristics
    • Quality of Work
    • Fairness
    • Accountability for Actions
    • Teamwork
    • Work/Life Balance for Self and Team
    • Integrity in all internal and external dealings
    • Demonstrate ability to prioritize tasks and time
    • Infallible work ethic
  • Flexibility & Willingness to adjust in response to the constant changes in techniques & industry.
  • Drive and passion for continuing education to learn new software, techniques, and procedures.

Ultimately, we’re looking for outgoing, driven, passionate and curious individuals who enjoy a casual, dog-friendly work environment.