Blizzard’s booking engine has been an invaluable tool for 360 Blue for over 5 years now. Throughout our ever-growing industry, we have entrusted Blizzard with every phase of our website development and could not be more pleased with the partnership that has transpired. Investing in your online brand is no longer an option but a necessity as a professional VRM, and Blizzard makes the process convenient and efficient. Blizzard has truly set a benchmark in professionalism and customer support.

Tyler Weir360 Blue

I give a lot of credit to Blizzard Internet Marketing. The team at Blizzard Internet Marketing put on some of the most insightful, thought-provoking, and interactive presentations, webinars and workshops in the vacation rental industry. If you have a chance to attend one, I highly recommend it. If you somehow left without a list of action items, I’d be shocked. Atlantic Beach Realty had the opportunity this spring to work with Blizzard Internet Marketing in a five hour consultation. Part of the consultation was spent getting some fantastic website SEO and usability suggestions, and then I worked one-on-one with Danielle Rozga getting an intensive AdWords training in anticipation of self-managing our AdWords presence at the conclusion of the consultation

Jim GoLightlyAtlantic Beach Realty

What I like best about working with Blizzard is their ability to help me with my PPC and Google Analytics. They are very insightful and knowledgeable. Blizzard University has shown me some of the tools that they use to help best run my PPC campaigns.

Rachel TrippHodnett Cooper

Since using Blizzard’s SEO and other marketing services, I’m up almost 100% in two years. Up 40% year 1 and then another 40% in year 2.

Paul GribbleGeorgia Mountain Cabin Rentals

I have been a client with Blizzard for the past 4 years, and what I like about them is how knowledgeable they are and how Blizzard has been able to take our website to the next level in terms of SEO. I love coming to Blizzard University just to catch up on everything that’s new, that hasn’t really arrived in Mexico yet. Coming here, for me, gives me a to do list that I can take home and apply, and I see results.

Gelsey FadulCosta Sur

Great use of recent studies and articles. It really made me feel like Blizzard is on top of this ever-changing industry. Great program for old, new and growing businesses. Enjoyed it! Looking forward to sharing my notes with the e-commerce manager.

Sierra RiddleSandestin Resort

Susan Blizzard is very knowledgeable and passionate which makes for a great presentation. I will recommend Blizzard University to clients. There were great examples, detailed action items and tools/sites. Now I see why clients LOVE working with Blizzard.

Pam CarderNavis