The Best Booking Engine Wins

Simplify your business and drive revenue with increased direct bookings. Our seamless booking engine combines high-level marketing strategies with proven technologies designed to improve the user’s online experience and drive revenue, producing dramatic results for your vacation rental business.

Blizzard, the digital-marketing leader for the vacation rental industry, has developed enhanced features designed to make you more competitive in the online market. Constantly evolving, these custom features, combined with our proven marketing expertise, allow users to quickly narrow down results and find the perfect vacation rental.

Built with the guest in mind, Blizzard continues to deliver the most sophisticated, responsive vacation rental website package. Demonstrating its dedication to providing our clients with options that best promote inventory, are SEO-friendly, and drive revenue.

  • Blizzard’s Standard Booking Engine Boasts the Most Features
  • Highly Optimized Search Options Allowing Guests to Easily Search for Available Properties, Rates and Dates
    • Flexible Stay Search Options
    • Dynamic Mapping
    • Custom Search Display Options
  • Extra Revenue from Packaging Options
  • Completely Secure Hosting
  • Customized Programming Options
  • Access Anywhere, on Any Device with an Internet connection

The Blizzard Reservation Engine is a mobile-friendly, customizable booking engine designed to improve the guest experience on your website.

  • How many reservations are you losing because your booking engine is hard to use?
  • How many more reservations would you make if each one of your properties had the ability to pop up in search results when someone is looking for a place to stay in your area?
  • How much extra time are you spending on each reservation because your website doesn’t show the information that it needs to show?

Responsive Design for Mobile Devices

Our Blizzard Reservation Engine (BRE) adjusts to the viewport size of the device that is being used on any operating system. Visit our BRE Portfolio page to view our most recent site designs seamlessly integrating our responsive reservation engine.


  • Design is highly customizable
  • Custom features can be added
  • Virtual Tours, Floor Plans, Video
  • Reviews, ratings, maps
  • Enhanced descriptions, amenities, rate tables
  • Calendar layout options
  • Photo-gallery options
  • Full Mobile friendly version
  • Supports several Travel Insurance options

Increased Reservations

User Friendly

  • Fast
  • Powerful Searching and search results pages
  • Clear conversion path and call to actions
  • Can integrate with WordPress

Fast & Easy Booking

  • Quick booking process
  • Full Google Analytics install available with E-Commerce tracking, Goals, Conversion Funnels, Virtual Pages, Virtual Events, and more

SEO Friendly

  • URLs are customizable for SEO keywords
  • SEO controls for all pages include: URL (slug), title, description, meta keywords, H1, body text
  • SEO Dashboard for you to modify your SEO
  • Incorporates Structured Data to help ensure search engines find your properties (also known as microdata, schema tags, rich snippets, Structured Data is code on the page that lets search engines know about certain information, such as your reviews, your address, your videos, and more.)
  • Advanced Sitemapping for larger inventories

Social Sharing Features

  • Email to a friend
  • Save to Favorites
  • Facebook integration API
  • Plus One in Google Plus Google Plus integration
  • Pin It
  • Tweet it
  • Bookmark it
  • Print it
  • Customized Facebook integrations available. Ask us!

Advanced Tracking, Reviews and Reporting Features

      Integrates with:
  • Google Analytics or the Tracking Program of Your Choice
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • NAVIS Technologies
  • FlipKey Reviews
  • GladProfessional Mobile App Reviews
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Reporting can be Customized for your Needs

Partners & Software Integrations

The BRE integrates with:

All HomeAway Software Products: Escapia, V12, Property Plus, AVMain/First Resort, Entech


And these Vacation Rental Property Management Systems:

barefoot-logo2-resized-600  VRMSoftware-long     RNS-Logo-Horizontal-efffects1     CiiRUS

We also provide:

  • The ability to pull in your data from HomeAway’s  Mobile App:

PCI Compliant

Our BRE follows all standards of credit card processing and transmitting of cardholder data needed to host your data securely. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is an information security standard for organizations that handle branded credit cards from the major card companies.

The BRE offers world class flexibility in displaying your properties, user-friendliness, and ability to increase traffic to your website.

Are you frustrated that the last time that you designed your website, you had to completely redo your booking engine? Let the BRE be the last reservation engine you ever make. No matter what website you choose in the future, the BRE can work along with it.

What Our Customers Say

“The planning and support during the development phase and ‘pre-launch’ phase for our new web site were outstanding. As a professional project manager of software applications, I can attest the Blizzard team managed the process well, and we did not encounter any delays or issues during the project. Kudos to the Blizzard Team!”

Dave BennettPalmetto Sands

“I am confident that my company is in good hands with the capable team at Blizzard. Everyone is personable, professional, and knowledgeable. I’ve enjoyed building our new website and look forward to continued improvements and an on-going relationship with the Blizzard Team!”

Danielle PoretHauserman Rental Group

“The Blizzard Team have been so great to work with and super helpful. Thank you so much for help every time I’ve needed it.”

Caitlin BatesFernie Lodging Company