Web Design & Development Services

Making your vision come to life with templated and custom designs!

For Hotels, Resorts, Real Estate & Vacation Rental Management Companies

Whether you need a brand new website, a website overhaul, or a few updates, Blizzard experts will make your site a vital sales tool. As our web design portfolio shows, we have a proven track record for creating mobile-friendly responsive websites, which are memorable, accessible, and pleasing to both internet visitors and search engines.

Our websites are designed in WordPress. This allows you to easily edit and add photos to your website yourself, and keep your website fresh and up to date. Also, you benefit from having a vast number of web developers who are familiar with WordPress.

Whether you are a vacation rental or real estate manager or both, shouldn’t your property listings be the heart and soul of your website? Of course, they should be! You have lavished time and attention on your property descriptions, found gorgeous photos and added your savvy about the local market now let’s capitalize on it! See how a Blizzard website can help you achieve your business goals!

Websites for Vacation Rental Companies & Real Estate Agencies

  • Vacation Rental, Hotel & Travel Websites

    • Choose from
    • Booking Engine integration for hotels, resorts, & vacation rentals
    • Blog Set Up and Hosting
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Friendly Structure
    • Content Management System (CMS) for easy website updates
    • CMS Training – we will teach you how to update your website
  • Real Estate Websites with MLS Integration

    • Gold Standard or Customized Website Designs & Hosting
    • Use of proven WordPress themes
    • Seamless integration of MLS/IDX listings
    • Set up and hosting of Blogs
    • Search Engine friendly structure and features
    • Content Management System (CMS) for easy website updates
    • CMS Training – we will teach you how to update your website
  • Project Management & Consultation – These components are the base for understanding your ideas, website needs and coordinating the entire website development process to make it fit the business.
  • Content Management System (CMS) – Allows you to easily make changes to the site, including text, photos, add new pages and video integration, etc.
  • Website Build-Out – Choose a WordPress Theme option and provide the logo, color scheme, content and photos, and we’ll make a fast-loading, website that looks good in desktop & mobile views: Vertical phone view, Horizontal phone view, Vertical tablet view, Horizontal tablet view, Desktop monitor view.
  • Number of Pages – Pricing already includes the design of 8 pages. Fewer pages can be designed if requested, as well as additional pages (in blocks of five).
  • Testing & ‘Go Live’ – Test the website in multiple browsers to ensure it is entirely functional prior to going ‘live.’
  • CMS Training – 1.5 hours of training your staff on the basic back-end use of WordPress CMS.
  • HTML & XML Sitemaps – To ensure ultimate search engine crawability and exposure.
  • 301 Re-Directs – Implementing URL forwarding from your old website to the new one to avoid overall traffic loss.
  • Google Analytics Installation – Add the Google Analytics or Tag Manager code needed for tracking website insights.
  • 404 Error Pages – That direct guests back to your website should a page no longer exist or get moved.
  • Google Search Console Integration – Assistance in setting up and verifying your GSC account for health monitoring
  • SEO Friendly
  • All the Flexibility of WordPress
  • Much, Much More
  • Need it Connected to Your Property Management Software?

Booking Engine Integration | Simple Availability Calendar | Blog Content Import | Business Directory | Complex Contact Form | E-Commerce | Employment/Job  | Glad To Have You (GTHY) Local Recommendations Plugin (Blizzard Exclusive) | Google Attractions Map | Google Translate | Homepage Slideshow | Live Chat | NAVIS | Photo Gallery | Real Estate | Specials | Weather | Much Much More – see what’s available at WordPress.org

The average online travel booker looks at 5.4 websites before booking. Is your website better than the other 4.4 websites?

WordPress Web Design

Our Conversion-Ready, Mobile-friendly, Responsive WordPress Websites Are Built With You, Your Visitors And Search Engines In Mind

WordPress LogoOur user-friendly designs include a content management system (CMS) called WordPress that will allow you to make basic changes to the website, such as re-sizing and swapping out photos, changing text and specials, add new pages, etc.

Our designs typically rank higher in search engines than an average HTML design, as well as have a higher return-on-investment (ROI) due to increased conversions. How much revenue are YOU losing because your website is outdated, not mobile-friendly, or simply hard to find important information?

Pricing is calculated based on the number of features to incorporate and the size of your website.

Why WordPress?

Blizzard exclusively designs in WordPress to provide our customers with a website they can easily Manage. In addition, Search Engines can easily understand what the site is about when designed in WordPress. Further, WordPress is the World’s Largest open-sourced Content Management System which means that an army of support is on your side. Other Content Management Systems, like Drupal and Joomla, have much less adoption, so fewer people are capable of supporting them, making WordPress a much more affordable solution to maintain.

  • Not a Proprietary System

    WordPress is open-source and supported by tens of thousands of developers worldwide. You are able to truly own your website design, an important protection that most of our competitors do not provide.

  • Easily Update Your Website

    WordPress makes it easy for your staff to add, remove or edit pages and content including text, video, and SEO elements.

  • Better Organic Rankings

    WordPress is designed for search engine visibility. Getting high search engine rankings requires quality, fresh content. You will be able to add content at will, so your Google rankings will generally be higher than sites designed in something else.

  • Cost-Effective

    Because WordPress is open-source, Developers are constantly creating pre-packaged functionalities, called plug-ins, so you don’t have to develop functionalities from scratch, saving you time and money.

  • WordPress is Flexible & Powerful

    WordPress easily hosts large websites and can be configured to meet your needs. Additionally, its look-and-feel can be completely modified, allowing Blizzard to design a beautiful website for you.

  • Secure & Safe

    Walt Disney, Mercedes Benz, The New York Times, Time Magazine, and even Anheuser-Busch are run by WordPress. Because WordPress is used approximately TEN times more often than other website software, the software is targeted more than others. The above Fortune 500 companies would not use WordPress if it wasn’t secure. Blizzard’s best practices keep our clients safe from all but the most pernicious of website hacks.

Mobile & Search Engine Friendly Website

Because we are Experts!

Our web designers work diligently to ensure that all websites are created to function well not only on a desktop but more importantly on mobile devices. With the increasing use of mobile devices and change in how Google indexes your website, the design team works closely with our Marketing Department to ensure your website is optimized for success in search engines.

It’s Easy to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly!

Every day, more and more of your potential customers are using web-enabled mobile devices to find lodging. Searches for travel and hospitality websites are naturals for mobile users. They could need your phone number or directions to your location; they may want to view your rate ranges. They might be stranded and in need of a room.

Will searchers be able to find that information about your business from their cell phone? Do you know? If not, enter your URL into this free mobile emulator tool to find out what visitors to your website see when they view it on a common mobile phone. To see what it looks like on other web-enabled mobile devices, such as a Blackberry, here are some other online simulators that will show you.

Mobile Stats

  • 40% of North America has smartphones. (But Flash still doesn’t work on them)
  • 60% (3.1B) of the world population sports a cell phone contract (3.1 billion).
  • Over 90% of mobile users carry their phone with them 24/7.

If you sit tight and do nothing for a few years, you may be able to miss this revolution completely… eventually, we will all have such cool phones that you won’t have to plan for a mobile site.

We’ll take care of all the details for you, including hosting, script detection and creating your design. See how Blizzard can help you today and we’ll get started with making you look good on the mobile web.

It all depends on your needs and what will take your website the farthest in the short and long term. We can do things as small as updating your color scheme to updating your website theme. Depending on the extent of the work desired or required we can make or fix any number of design elements that can hinder your website’s success.

What We Can Make:

  • Custom Website Designs – Made-to-order to fit your business, we’ll build a website that uniquely brings your brand and vision to life. We’ll build in both sizzle and functionality, and you’ll receive graphic mock-ups to review, so you’ll understand the process step by step.
  • Theme Website Designs – Choose from a selection of proven high-quality website layouts created by our graphics experts. Because they are based on a template, WordPress Theme Designs are cost effective and quicker to produce than our custom designs. You will be able to specify colors, fonts, and photography.
  • Real Estate Websites – We will pull your MLS listings right onto your website in searchable form.
  • Website designs that are made for luxury property and charter travel companies that are proven to convert.
  • Design features that help encourage conversions and optimal search engine performance are included with every Blizzard website.
  • Professionally scanned, cropped, color-corrected and compressed graphics, and other web design and development elements are standard at Blizzard.
  • All our websites include coding and development with best of breed website tracking software that enables you to see data about your site’s performance so you can make informed decisions.
  • Online maps are included with all designs.
  • We offer several different options for mobile-friendly websites.
  • Progress reports, including examples, are yours throughout the design process – there are no surprises.

What We Can Fix:

  • Navigational problems that prevent visitors from accessing every page of your website quickly and easily
  • Implementation of search engine friendly navigation design and modern design based on Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Poor color schemes
  • Sub-par photographs
  • Incorrect or omitted text such as contact information on every page, calls to action, etc.
  • Outdated or unattractive graphics, including headers and logos