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Digital marketers are expected to be well versed in a host of skills including analytics, copywriting, creative direction and more. Close the skills gap and keep your website relevant in an ever-changing marketplace by attending a Blizzard University at home in Colorado or on the road! Learn how to take control of your website and digital marketing efforts in a comprehensive hands-on training program to propel your business forward. Don’t miss the chance to engage with experts and ask specific questions about your website and online strategy. Learn more by signing up for an upcoming workshop or join us at one of the upcoming industry conferences !

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“I must admit Blizzard University was one of my favorite parts of RezFest. Without this seminar, I wouldn’t have had such a memorable and educational time. The team was very informative and they had my brain motors running on overdrive the whole time! They were very receptive to feedback, questions, rebuttals, anything. The atmosphere was very relaxed but to the point – exactly what I needed. I truly enjoyed my time with the Blizzard team.”

Brittany GargerGibson Beach Rentals

“The biggest thing I have like about Blizzard University is their commitment to the program. Every one of the team was at the University and kept things on a one-to-one basis.”

Eric LickteigChristie Lodge

“I love Blizzard Internet Marketing and Blizzard University. It’s a very informative couple of days. I came last year and will probably come again next year. I like to keep up with the trends in internet marketing and I learn a ton from these people – real professionals who are at it every day.”

Gareth WilliamsGareth Williams Aspen Snowmass Real Estate

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