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Managing multiple services within one company can be somewhat tricky. We at Blizzard know your time is valuable and have taken steps to provide our clients with the highest level of service. Their knowledge and support from our in-house specialists will be applied toward the ultimate goal of the successful implementation of your online marketing strategy. The Project manager is responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly with your Internet Marketing objectives – including hosting, design and web development work, analytics installations and various marketing duties.

Blizzard Marketing Managers Deliver Results

Project managers will utilize in-house specialists to complete the work on your account. Their job is to assign, coordinate, and perform quality control on all aspects of your Blizzard experience.

In -house experts that are available to your Marketing Project Manager include:

Effective Project Management is a vital part of keeping your marketing plan on track and Blizzard is committed to helping you realize a healthy return on your marketing investment. Request a quote today!


From our first visit and to this day, we have had an exceptional relationship with the whole Blizzard organization, and many of the people there I consider my friends.

Brian LenceVacations Inc.

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