PPC is Effective, But It’s Easy to Waste Money. How Much Money are You Wasting?

Do you know if your PPC Campaigns are working?

Displaying paid ads on Google AdWords is the best, most effective, and usable platform for successful pay-per-click advertising.

Our Google AdWords Certified Experts know what it takes to create dynamic ads and find the keywords that will reach your customers.

We hand-manage every account, ensuring that you get the best ROI for every dollar you spend. We don’t use automated programs that miss important opportunities that only a human being can recognize and we don’t use junior, unqualified people to manage your account.

Running Powerful Pay-Per-Click Marketing Campaigns Means:

  • In-Depth Research: Keyword Research is the foundation of setting up a profitable campaign. Blizzard uses best-of-breed research tools including Wordtracker and Trellian’s Keyword Discovery to handpick the best keywords for your paid search campaign.
  • Targeted Campaigns: Keep your word groupings targeted to one subject. All of your geo-targeted terms should be in one group, lodging terms in another, area attractions in yet another. This way you can control the amount of your budget that is spent on each category.
  • High-Quality Landing Pages: Having the right landing pages on YOUR website is key to keeping your cost-per-click low.
  • Goal Tracking: A robust analytics program is key to measuring the success of your search Campaigns. We use Google Analytics because it can easily track e-commerce including online bookings (depending on your reservation software.) Knowing where your paid advertising budget is being spent is the key to measuring the success of your paid search campaigns. Your Blizzard Marketing Expert can set campaigns up to track the revenue from specific ad groups and even keywords within your paid search campaigns.

Do you need help getting traffic to your website? Pay-per-click marketing is the fastest way to drive customers to your website.

PPC: The Basics

In the beginning, Google made Paid Search, and the businesses rejoiced.

This brief section will guide you into the basics of PPC, how it works, and how it can help your business grow.

• PPC Platforms – Search Engines such as Google & Bing

o Google’s search engine is by far the industry leader in exposure, usability, and performance due to their extensive global reach: nearly 68% of all searches on the Internet today.
o Bing, as part of Microsoft, is next, coming in at nearly 20% of all Internet Searches. However, just like any online platform, learning how to best navigate it, how to best use it, and ultimately, how you can make it work best for your business, are the key goals.

• PPC Auctions

o Bid x Quality Score = Ad Ranking
o PPC Auctions at Google, for example, work in a different way than a normal auction. Unlike traditional auctions, the amount of money you have to bid on an item is not the most important aspect. However, Bid is a major component of how Google ranks your ads.
o Quality Score is the other big piece:

1. The Quality Score of the keyword being bid upon

2. The Quality Score of the Ad triggered by the keyword

3. The Quality Score of the landing page where the ad delivers the user

When combined, this creates the Quality Score of the entire account.

Quality Score weighs heavily upon an Ad’s Ranking position within the auction, and ultimately where it will appear on the search results page.

• PPC Payment Methodology

o Both Google and Bing, or any of the other search companies out there, always expect their piece of the PPC pie – after all, these platforms make internet marketing and paid search advertising accessible to even the smallest of business owners. Just as you would pay a prominent newspaper with a huge readership to advertise in their Sunday Paper, Search Engines will charge you to advertise on their search engine as well.
o Also, just like that same prominent newspaper, you will have to write the content, or in a PPC case, build out the account, manage, and optimize it. At this point, business owners must decide whether to build and manage the account themselves, hire someone within the company, or hire a professional Internet Marketing Company that can manage the account proficiently with the business objectives in mind.

• PPC Business Benefits

o In the Vacation Rental, Hotel and Travel Destination Industries, Paid Search Advertising (PPC) is the first of many potential steps to delivering people to your site, which ultimately brings travelers to you, and drives overall revenue skyward.
o If done correctly, most businesses can gain a higher return on investment, especially when compared to traditional marketing techniques.
o PPC Advertising tracks every penny going into the campaigns. If set-up properly, it can also track every penny made in revenue. This will allow you, the business owner, to track your ROI on every dollar spent on your PPC campaigns. This gives PPC a one-two punch when compared to traditional marketing.

Understanding The Auction, ROI, and Your PPC Advertising Efforts

Understanding the PPC Auction:
• To better understand the auction process, allow me to introduce Hal Varian, Chief Economist at Google, as he walks you through the tedious algorithm in Google’s most recent video release on the Google AD Auction.

Blizzard Manages PPC - Google, Bing, Facebook, and More!

Blizzard has a professional, expert team certified in PPC advertising properly create and manage your PPC campaigns. If you are a Do-It-Yourselfer, Google and Bing both have certification programs to help test you on the knowledge learned while navigating through their paid search platforms. Take a look at the certification process here:

Each platform will instruct you on the process of setting-up, managing, and measuring the success of your campaigns.

Here are a few items that deserve a tightly managed focus:

  • Keyword Research and Implementation
  • Ad Copy, utilizing each platform’s Best Practices
  • Data Tracking within the platform, and with other linked tools that offer even more insights
  • Terminology in the industry as well as in affiliate industries
  • Campaign Settings, targeting, and learning new opportunities for your account
  • Landing Pages on your existing website
  • Click Fraud, and how you can help prevent it
  • New Features and Changes within the industry and on the platforms themselves

Why Hire a PPC Expert from Blizzard?

One Question every business owner should ask in the 21st Century:

Where is my time best spent for my business – learning about another industry altogether, or finding a professional company that has a long record of accomplishment and helping business owners live their dreams of business success?

  • Ease into a new industry with the help of industry experts & professionals
  • Create, manage, and optimize campaigns in line with Best Practices for top performance
  • Gain access to additional tools in the Internet Marketing Industry for better insights
  • Save time, save time, save time! With Blizzard managing your accounts, you can spend your valuable time doing other important items on the agenda, like running your business!
  • Depend on PPC certified industry professionals to help make more-educated business decisions. Here are a few things we will take care of for you and your business:
    • Create a single PPC account or multiple PPC accounts
    • Account linking with additional, valuable tools for better business insights
    • Keyword Research
    • Writing Ad Copy
    • Improving landing pages on your website
    • Tracking valuable events on your website
    • Managing and optimizing the account(s) with each platform’s Best Practices
    • Analyzing, Reporting, and Consultation
    • Save you time with your best business interests in mind

Blizzard University

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Learn more about your PPC efforts, how your website can perform better in organic searches (SEO), how to better utilize Email Marketing, why Social Media is becoming the next biggest advertising platform , and so much more! There is limited space available, reserve your spot today!

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Blizzard has saved us money while increasing revenue/sales. They work hard to monitor our target market and reach as many people as possible.

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“What I like best about working with Blizzard is their ability to help me with my PPC and Google Analytics. They are very insightful and knowledgeable. Blizzard University has shown me some of the tools that they use to help best run my PPC campaigns”

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