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Hospitality Industry’s Search Engine Optimization That Produces Results

“I have a website, but when I search for it I can’t find it anywhere, can you help?”

Blizzard’s Experts are experienced in best-practice SEO techniques that will help increase your website’s online visibility and attract converting customers in Google and other search engines. In today’s saturated digital market, you are competing with literally millions of other websites for a presence in thousands of phrases.  Blizzard Internet Marketing uses experience and industry knowledge to create a winning search engine optimization strategy tailored to your business needs.

What can Search Engine Optimization Do For My Website?

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website content and design with the goal of increasing your position and search engine visibility in search engines “organic” listings. (Google, Bing, Yahoo!) A well thought out SEO strategy along with implementation can produce “organic” targeted customers to your website based on “search terms” or geographic location (Local SEO).

Targeted Organic Traffic From The Top Search Engines

Blizzard makes sure that you sound appealing when you do show up in Google. Getting the click is as important as showing up! Optimizing your website to compete in search engines is an important part of the puzzle, but it’s not going to guarantee visitors. It’s vital to have a well crafted marketing message on your descriptions as well as content that reflects your branding to attract visitors.

SEO has many components with one thing in common – to increase organic positions in Search Engines

  • Google Tag Manager Setup

    Blizzard is home to certified Google Tag Manager experts that can make your tag management issues become a thing of the past.

  • Schema Optimization And Structured Data

    Search engines love structured data! Let Blizzard enrich your website with Schema for eye catching SERP snippet enhancements.

LocationTimeframeOrganic RevenueOrganic TrafficOrganic Bookings
Alabama2015 vs. 2014+47.89%


California2015 vs. 2014+12.86%


Colorado2015 vs. 2014+29.47%

Colorado2015 vs. 2014+12%
Gerogia2015 vs. 2014+45.42%


Georgia2015 vs. 2014+6.35%

Improve your online presence with SEO services from Blizzard Internet Marketing

Each of these techniques must incorporate strategies customized for each client’s internet marketing needs. Blizzard Internet Marketing can provide you will the full suite of SEO services needed to attain your online business goals. Increase your organic search engine presence today!

Off Site Optimization

Off Site Optimization:

Online authority and trust
Link popularity
Promoting the website online
Link reputation

On-Site Optimization

On-Page SEO Optimization:

Page titles and meta descriptions
On page content writing and copyrwriting
Site theming
Crawlability and usability

SEO Tools Used By Blizzard

  • SERPWoo is an SEO tool used for rank tracking and competitor information. Blizzard uses SERPWoo to discover competitor strategies and find new valuable keywords that can increase your ROI as well as your website relevance and authority. Learn more about the SERPWoo Features!

  • SEMRush is a keyword research suite of tools with numerous additional features. Blizzard uses this tool to find the most profitable keywords for your business, and uses these keywords to create engaging website content that converts. Learn more about SEMRush!

  • Ahrefs is a suite of tools that focuses on your backlink profile and helps with determining the best plan of action when creating backlinks for your companies website. With features such as content explorer and the disavow links option, Ahrefs is a tool of choice at Blizzard Internet Marketing. Learn more about Ahrefs!