SEO Optimized Content Creation That Converts

It is no secret, content rules the internet. It is also the backbone of Search Engine Optimization. You may have heard the phrase Content is King. This is trite, but true. The goal of the Search Engines is to organize the world’s information on the web and that information exists in the form of content on web pages.

There are basically two types of content on web pages – text and everything else, which includes images, videos, audio files, flash and javascript files and things that have yet to be invented. The Search Engines are making great strides towards crawling and indexing everything else. However, the web has always been based on words and that is what the spiders can crawl and understand best.

How content creation can help increase rankings and traffic:

  • Increase the number of pages on a website
  • Increased long-tail or less searched relevant targeted terms
  • Additional Visibility In Search Engines, Increasing Chance For Conversions
  • Establish a site as an authority on a particular topic to both human visitors and search engines
  • Attract valuable links from other relevant websites in your industry
  • Increased social media presence by creating engaging content

Likewise, poor content creation can actually decrease your Google Rankings.  The most common problem is duplicate content, which is when the same content is on multiple pages of your website OR the same content is on another website.  Google has made it crystal clear that it wants to ignore duplicate content.

One key to making content development easy and profitable is your content management system.  Blizzard provides you with a high-end open-source functional and powerful content management system that allows both your team and our team easy updates to your content.