SEO Focused Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the basis for all Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and provides a road map for creating, optimizing and promoting a web site. Creating content backed by thorough keyword research related to your industry allows Blizzard to create content that converts.

Industry Targeted Keywords That Convert

  • Which keywords are most relevant to what a site owner wishes to accomplish with their website
  • Which terms are most likely to bring highly targeted visitors to the site
  • Which keywords Google is using to guide visitors in their search queries (Google Suggest and Google Instant)
  • Which phrases are most likely to bring a decent amount of traffic to the site
  • Which words are used by online competitors and what a website’s chances are of outranking the

As you can see, it’s not just a matter of finding the most searched for keywords. Instead, we must determine the best keyword strategy to use across all the pages of a website to accomplish a particular goal.

56% of searches are 3 word phrases or longer.  Source

Top search engine placements help your brand.  Source

Park City is a very competitive ski town and our organic search result rankings for prime keywords have positioned us as a lodging authority among 1000’s of vacation rental options. Thank you Blizzard!

Jaci BuckinghamPark City Lodging

The team at Blizzard was exceptional.  Promises were made and expectations delivered in a timely fashion.  I especially like that our input was not only utilized but valued.We are proud of what we have so far and are looking forward to continued improvements in the future.

Kent HowerThe Killington Group

We rely on Blizzard to help drive our online bookings and improve our search engine rankings. In the past two years alone, our online bookings have gone up more than 30%!

Tim PolkThe Wine Country Inn