Usability Testing For Conversion Rate Increases

We would like to share with you some of the tools we have been using to improve some of our clients’ websites and invite you to try them out and see if you gain any insight into roadblocks that you may be inadvertently throwing up for your users.

Some of the tools are easy to use and implement, some you might need help with. Take a look and give us a call if you need assistance – we are happy to help in any way that we can.

We are speculating that the quality of your website and the attention your site gets from visitors could be one of the next Google ranking factors. The beauty of paying attention to usability is the reality that if it never becomes a ranking factor – your visitors and your conversion rates WILL benefit!

Improving your website and conversions from existing traffic may be more cost effective than buying more PPC or doing SEO on a site that won’t convert into money.

Usability is the key. Here are some tools we have been using to help our clients:

Google Analytics – Getting into the details of your analysis to determine which page(s) of your website contribute or detract from revenue is usually the first step.

Google Webmaster Tool helps your see your organic listing Click Through Rates

CrazyEgg – Offers affordable heat-mapping and insight into how visitors behave on your website. Used correctly this tool can help you overhaul navigation and page layout to make your site work better for your guests. They have versions that start at just $10 per month. We can set these up for you or you can try it on your own, just let us know if we can help!

ClickTale – This tool is similar to Crazyegg, with a dose or two of steroids… it not only tracks clicks, it actually films people moving through your website. You can get your own account for $99 with your own login. is one of our other big favorites. Basically, you hire an online focus group with predetermined demographics (Women, 35-45, $125-$200K household income per year) and have them try to accomplish a predetermined task on your website. The system records them both on camera and audio. Very enlightening! We would be happy to set one or two up for you… or buy it online for $39 per user.

Google Website Optimizer – This free tool is one of the most powerful in our box of tricks. It lets us set up an A/B or multivariate usability test on your website (typically a new website layout, but could be anything really). A simple test is easy to setup and requires just a few hours of design and follow-up analysis. If the element or layout you want to test is more complex let us know and we can help! For a full homepage layout test we typically recommend a $1500 budget.

80% of online marketers do not serve personalized content, and do not use performance metrics to promote content.
Less than 30% frequently test their content.
70% of content decisions are unsupported by data.