You know that your business needs a new website, but where to start?

Blizzard’s SEO experts will perform a thorough audit of your website to determine  what improvements need to be made in order to improve your search ranking.

Factors we will look at include:

        • Local Search
        • Keyword Analysis
        • Content Analysis
        • Social Media Integration
        • Backlink Review
        • Indexed Pages Check
        • Review of Organic Landing Pages
        • Search for Brand or Branded Terms
        • Determine Site’s Mobile Friendliness
        • H1 and H2 Tag Review
        • Optimized URLs
        • Check for Missing Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

Through combinations of organic optimization, link building and ad work marketing my company has seen a dramatic increase in rankings, traffic and ultimately customer contacts, online bookings and revenue. This is not an inexpensive endeavor and nothing happens overnight, but the results have exceeded my expectations.

Allen JohnsonThree Palms Real Estate

I’ve been a Blizzard client for over 8 years now, and something that has always impressed me, is that not only have they always been on top of all the latest trends and developments within the internet marketing and search world, but they strive to anticipate what is likely to be next, and prepare their clients accordingly so that they’re ahead of the game and not having to play catch-up.

Brian LenceVacations, Inc.