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Attack Of The Internet Of Things

Last week, all of us sustained a shocking and disturbing reality check. Friday morning, October 21, 2016, which was much like every Friday morning that had come before, we were suddenly under attack. The Internet as we know it was slowed DOWN to a literal crawl. Several hours went by when you could NOT check […]

Facebook Makes More Changes

Just when you think its is done tweaking, updating and modifying,  Facebook makes more changes in the past month. Everything is pretty much the same as it was before, it’s just in a DIFFERENT place. Here is a quick review of where things are now to help to make your daily Facebook trek a little less […]

Do The Safety Dance; Keeping Your Website Safe

Men Without Hats. They brought us the “Safety Dance” way back in 1982. They probably didn’t foresee that in 2016 the Safety Dance wasn’t just an incredibly upbeat Canadian anthem for 80’s club kids, but also a move EVERYONE should be doing to keep their website safe. These days the best gyration one can do to keep […]

Blizzard’s Best Of 2015 And Beyond

These final days of 2015 will be filled with best/worst of the year lists. Here, at Blizzard, we thought we would make our own by looking back at the digital marketing trends that were hot in 2015 and look ahead to what 2016 might bring online and in tech. Mobile Domination “You don’t get to […]

Face Facts! Facebook Advertising Is For You

The Many Faces of Facebook Advertising Face it. We all do it. Sometimes you want to deny, ignore or just plain pretend it’s not true. There are things you know are just good for you but you don’t want to do them. Facebook advertising often falls into this category. But WHY? We don’t have to […]

Let’s Hash It Out. A Primer On Using Hashtags

Hashtags, #, aka the number sign or pound sign, are omnipresent throughout most social media. You will find them being used regularly on Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Hashtags are no longer merely accessories to your posts, frequently they become the focal point of the marketing aspect of your post. It’s a good idea […]

The Eyes Have It! Using Pictures For Social Media

Pretty Pretty Pictures We humans are visual animals. We are attracted to bright, pretty, colorful pictures, more so than by words. For example, on the right are some actual scientific facts as compiled into a great infographic by Jose Moran at smartdraw.com. Isn’t it pleasing to simply pass your eye over this visually stimulating infographic? […]