Blizzard Celebrates Customer Service Week

Its National Customer Service Week and the Blizzard team has some fun things planned to reward our group of professionals for all of their hard work.

A few months ago the company as a whole had the opportunity to craft our very own customer service philosophy. It was a great experience and having everyone collaborate on the project brought us together to accomplish our goals. In honor of National Customer Service Week, Blizzard-ites will be featuring unique signatures on all of their e-mails. We’re going to tell YOU – our customers – about our commitment to customer service.

Here’s our philosophy in a nutshellCustomer Service Week:

  • HONESTY – I will make realistic promises and deliver them on time
  • TRUST – I will ask my customers to trust our expertise and build that trust through friendliness, follow-up, and honesty
  • SPEED OF RESPONSE – I will strive to exceed my customer’s expectations
  • FRIENDLY – I will use a smiling phone greeting, listen well, and be compassionate to my customer’s needs
  • FOLLOW-UP – I will be accountable, responsible, and own the problem

Activities this week are varied and full of fun. On Monday morning, our managers hosted a breakfast reception with a raffle for six 15-minute chair massages. Lucky winners were Danielle Rozga, CJ Howard, Kathy Barta, Josh Green, Linda Pineda, and Julia Baldwin. Congratulations everyone and if you happen to be sick that day, I’ll be here and happen to have some free time that afternoon!

The rest of the week is full of more fun and exciting activities.

Tuesday – Dress up day and take a class day!!

We’re going to wear our best corporate attire and update our photos on the Blizz website so everyone has a great spiffy looking photo. I’m sure our resident photographer, Donna Boley, will have a hand in that. We’ll also have some classes available to emphasize our commitment to Customer Service. Heather Austin, our COO, is saving those for a surprise.

Wednesday – Naming Survey

We’re going to poll the whole company and find out which of our great employees is tops in the following categories:

  • Best customer service
  • Best smile while on the phone
  • Neatest desk and desk area
  • Desk area with the most FLARE
  • Most spirited employee
  • Most likely to be president of an IT company
  • Most talkative in a recent department meeting
  • Most dependable or available
  • Best team player

Vote for your favorite in the comments below – I’ll lobby to have our customer’s votes counted too!

Thursday – Thank You Day!Cheering for Customer Service Week

We’re going to send some thank you notes to customers and co-workers to fill them in on what’s happening at Blizzard. We’ll even send you your very own copy of our customer service philosophy and maybe even a photo of your team.

Friday – Anti Stress Campaign Day

We can all do with a little less stress in our lives. On Friday we’ll be having a BBQ lunch and we’ll also hear who won the survey that took place Wednesday. After work we’ll have movie night – Office Space will be playing in the IT department – complete with popcorn.

Why am I sharing this? We want you – our customers – to know how seriously we take our commitment to customer service. If you feel at any time we’re not living up to the standards we’ve set for ourselves, please let us know by
e-mailing, calling, or dropping a note. We appreciate any feedback our customers give us and we strive to be the best we can be.

Stay tuned and I’ll post the winners of Wednesday’s survey!

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