How to Choose the Right SEO Company

Have you ever wanted to know what to ask when selecting a Search Engine Optimization company? Greg Howlett recently published a great article, “8 Tips for Avoiding an SEO Fraudster” which addresses this very issue. I would like to highlight a couple of key points he brings up.

An SEO expert in 2001 is not necessarily an expert in 2007. – This is a great point. It’s important to do your research when shopping around. Ask for current case studies, facts, references, industry publications, awards, etc.

A good SEO strategy predicts where the search engines are going and moves a website in that direction. – This is a must have for any competitive SEO company. The Internet today is ever-changing and staying on top of your game is crucial. Make sure your company has a team dedicated to SEO research and development!

When you talk to an SEO consultant and he/she focuses on specific little things on your site, such as keyword density, metatags, inbound links, etc., move on. – It’s important to find an SEO company whose main focus is to drive qualified traffic to your site … traffic which will convert for you! A professional SEO company will be able to provide you with a proven strategy of how they will create this type of traffic.

Gimmicks, shady manipulation, and tricks may work in the short term but are not a legitimate strategy for sites that you really care about. – It pays to do things the right way, the first time! Look for companies who practice “search engine best practices” and have been recognized by industry gurus. Finding a legitimate SEO company will save you time, money, and headaches in the long run!

For more valuable information please read the rest of Howlett’s article.

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