Google Search Results – Update

Google Search Results – Update

The Google changes that began with the "Florida algorithm" back in November have still been spreading through the Google index affecting more search terms. We have also seen some instances where clients have been moving back up in the listings, but it is still too early to tell how "permanent" these restorations might be. We are still keeping a close eye on things, but for now, the advice stays the same.  Work to increase your link popularity by submitting to local, regional and lodging directories.

Other news from Google is more of a financial footnote. Google was expected to introduce an IPO sometime this spring and become a publicly traded company. They announced in January, however, that the IPO was postponed indefinitely. The official word from Google for the postponement of the IPO was that the current market wasn’t suitable for the offering. Reading between the lines, it seems Google felt they weren’t going to see the full value of the offering if they did it now, so they are waiting, possibly for the fall of this year.

A summary of Google changes and our advice: 

-We have seen Google expand the effect of its new algorithm by rolling it out across more keyword phrases.

-We have also seen the effect of the changes rolled back a bit with some previously high-ranking customers slowly rising onto the first or second page.

-Google is still favoring large sites with many incoming and outgoing links – basically, portal sites.

-We are still recommending that clients design content-rich websites, with targeted content pages, and lots of incoming and outgoing links. No sneaky tricks.

-We are still recommending that clients sign up for lodging directories, destination guides, niche resources and pay-per-click search engines.

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