Live from Pubcon – It’s Tuesday Night!

Day one is winding to an end here in Las Vegas – well – an end for the Marketing World anyway.  Co-editor Mary Bowling and myself have tickets to see Mystere at Treasure Island tonight – courtesy of WebmasterWorld working out a deal to get free tickets to bloggers that promise to review the shows.  We’re REALLY excited.

Takeaways from today?  Social Media is the next Internet Marketing Darling – and with good reason.  The best result you can wish for from a great viral campaign is a ton of links.  Yes, links – not bookings.  Historically social media campaigns drive traffic, but very low conversion rates…so why bother?  Let me tell you why you should bother!  Links, links and more links.  A great article that’s targeted to a specific audience that makes the homepage of Digg can garner 100’s of links.  THose links drive search engine rankings – great Google rankings drive traffic – EUREKA!

More on that later!  Have a great week and we hope to blog more!

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