This month, we are featuring Tripadvisor has turned into an important resource due to its excellent search engine rankings in Google.

Tripadvisor is a website that lists lodging properties and ranks them based upon reviews they receive. The more favorable reviews a property receives, the higher it ranks. Their pitch to consumers: “Find a great hotel based on web-wide popularity and coverage. Listen to the democracy of the web!”

Example: If you search for “Mendocino hotel” in Google, this page comes up # 2. When you click into that page you see that it lists 20 individual properties on the first page, ranked by the number of reviews. If you investigate, you see that Stanford Inn by the Sea comes up at the top of the list because TripAdvisor is aware of 2 guidebooks, 6 articles, 2 user reviews and 2 web comments about this property.

If you want to achieve a higher ranking in TripAdvisor, use the following


Ask guests to put reviews of their stay directly on TripAdvisor. Getting half a dozen good reviews is usually enough to propel you to the top of your city.

Get listed in the online Guidebooks that TripAdvisor partners with:, (accepts user reviews) , (accepts user reviews), , (accepts user reviews),,,, (accepts user reviews), (accepts user reviews), (accepts user reviews).

Use conventional PR – TripAdvisor pulls from many online travel magazines like (which accepts articles),,,,,,,,, and many others.

Tripadvisor will list your property for free. If you exchange links with them, they will expand your listing by adding a description and photo. Find out more by going to the bottom of their homepage and clicking on “about us.”  They also accept pay-per-click advertising, but their monthly minimums ($5,000) are too steep for most individual properties.

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  1. Judy Kennedy
    Judy Kennedy says:

    I would like to let you know that i have made trips to the Merrill House Inn
    in North Conway, N.H. It is a Bed and Breakfast resort. They are so courteous and have wonderful service. I would recommend this to anyone hat would be interested in the N.H. area. You can make reservations in advance and we will be returning to this resort in September for a weekend visit.

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