Virus Alert: Caution Using Internet Explorer

Beware of IE Virus

The latest cyber attack is leaving over 55% of PC users at risk. Hackers have created a bug that will utilize Adobe Flash Player and viciously attack your computer’s memory. The hackers have deemed their creation “Operational Clandestine Fox.”


The security flaw was found on Saturday by FireEye Research Labs, who are located in Milpitas, California.


For the time being, there are three methods for preventing a possible attack. The first method, which is the recommended, is to use a different internet browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome. If you insist on using Internet Explorer it is important to turn off Adobe Flash. A third, less viable option, is to turn on IE’s Enhanced Protected Mode.


Microsoft is working hard on a fix for this bug, though as of Monday morning there hasn’t been a fix. If you are currently using Windows XP, you will not receive an update patch from Microsoft. Microsoft announced that on April 8th 2014 they would stop supporting Windows XP. It may be time to upgrade from Windows XP, because from here on out there will only be more bugs and viruses accumulating and making it riskier and riskier to use a Windows XP machine.

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