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Looking For Cool Tools? Blizzard Has Them!

So, perhaps you’ve heard of Glad to Have You, the guest app that was developed by an individual property manager and is now owned by HomeAway. This cool tool can be extremely valuable to property managers for its ability to reduce the overload of customer service calls and/or emails before and during a guest’s stay. But what else caGlad To Have You Appn it be used for? Although it takes a considerable amount of time to set up,  it becomes a treasure trove of that great local information guests yearn for.

Blizzard can leverage all of your local recommendations data you enter in the app and broadcast that content on your website, potentially adding hundreds of pages without having to do any additional work, and giving your website a huge SEO boost! Find out more about the Blizzard exclusive Glad to Have You Local Recommendations Plugin available only to Blizzard Design clients.

Squeeze the value out of your Glad to Have you Reviews too! Blizzard can pull the GTHY reviews directly from the app as well. The photographs within the App provide an extra layer of validity to each review. Pretty neat huh? Find out about adding Glad to Have You reviews to your website. Call us today to learn more!

Here’s some more tools available with the Blizzard Reservation Engine:
• Calendar Tracking and Reporting
Custom Groups
• Last Minute Bidding
• Map Points of Interest
• Packaging
Property Banners
• Recently Viewed

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