The Blizzard BRE

Does your booking engine have what it takes to drive direct bookings and increase conversions?

Whether you have a small, mid-size or large property management company, you should have two main goals in mind for your online booking engine: ensure that your properties presented are responsive, display properly on all devices, and fully bookable to increase the number of direct bookings you are getting on your website.

To be able to achieve these goals, we have put together a list of simple, easy-to-maintain features that when incorporated into your booking engine, can help grab the attention of your users, and entice them into booking directly.


The use of promo codes have many benefits in driving bookings. They are a great way to market your listings in off-season; to fill holes in a specific property’s calendar; as well as to build guest loyalty by showing an appreciation for certain groups, like return guests and the military.

  1. Set up: Once you confirm that your PMS can handle promo codes, the first thing to do it to set them up either for a specific property or for a grouping of properties.
  2. Test: Once created, you will want to ensure that the code works on your website so to not annoy the user.
    • First, confirm that there is a field on the booking page for them to be entered.
    • You will then want to apply the code to see if any errors are displayed.
    • Once correctly applied, ensure that the discount is visible to the user in the cost breakdown.
    • Lastly, complete a test booking to confirm that the promo code and discount come through with the reservation.
  3. Promote: Once the testing is complete, determine how to promote these offers. You can prominently display the promo code on a specials page of your website for all to see, or you may choose to keep them hidden for only select groups to use. If they will be hidden, consider promoting in an email marketing campaign for select groups, or provide them to the reservation team to use at their discretion.


Why not make the booking process a one-stop vacation shop for your guests? If your PMS allows for extra fees to be incorporated into the booking process, then the use of add-on fees is a win-win situation for all.

By incorporating add-on services into the bookings; bike rentals, ski rentals, spa packages, gift baskets, or even pool heat for homes with private pools, your customers have the convenience of knowing it is done, and you have the opportunity to both increase your sales, and group it all in one payment, rather than trying to solicit after marketing sales.


Do you have a special event in town, and would like to drive bookings for a grouping of properties located near the event? If so, we have the perfect feature for you. Our custom grouping feature allows YOU to instantly create a clean website page within your booking engine, add the specific details and images of the event to this page, and with one-click, add the individual properties associated. Since this page is incorporated into the booking engine, it will take the user to the individual property page to read property specifics, confirm the property’s availability, and of course book directly using the one-step booking process.

Display the page prominently on your website, or choose to hide it from the display, promoting the event in a targeted email campaign. The best part of this feature is that YOU create these pages. Once the feature is purchased, the page creation is unlimited, allowing you to maintain, while not incurring any additional website maintenance fees.


Word of mouth remains a powerful tool for marketing your business, so why not promote what guests are saying about your properties on your website? Promote positive feelings of your properties throughout the website, or simply target on specific property pages by rotating a display of testimonials. By displaying prominently on the specific property page, the user can be confident that they are making the right vacation decision!


Do you want to market to the international guest? By incorporating a language plugin where the user can choose the preferred language, you are making it simple for the user to search for availability, read about the property, and book in their language, removing one more barrier in the booking process.


We’ve been developing the BRE for over a decade and are confident in its ability to deliver results that drive direct bookings. If you would like to learn more about BRE features or would like to request a demo, just let us know. We would be happy to help you understand what the BRE can do for you.