Booking Engine

If your guests can’t book online they will likely book somewhere else where they can. Stay up to date with booking engine technology and industry changes and see what Blizzard’s BRE can offer you.

The Blizzard BRE

Key Booking Engine Features

Are you ready for Vacation Rentals on Google?

Are You Ready for Vacation Rentals To Be Bookable on Google?

Want to enroll in a beta test on Google? If so, read on. Has anyone used Google Flights recently? Searching for flights on Google is pretty amazing. It’s fast and the search results are laid out in an extremely relevant way. This is true for both desktop and mobile searches. Have you tried searching for […]

Glad To Have You App

Looking For Cool Tools? Blizzard Has Them!

So, perhaps you’ve heard of Glad to Have You, the guest app that was developed by an individual property manager and is now owned by HomeAway. This cool tool can be extremely valuable to property managers for its ability to reduce the overload of customer service calls and/or emails before and during a guest’s stay. But what […]

40 Percent of Hotel Bookings Fail Because…

* 40% of customers failed to complete a booking on a hotel website because of booking or navigation problems.
* Price on the other hand only accounted for 13% of customers failing to complete a booking.

Is This Your Booking Engine?

An example of what your booking engine may look like.

Vacation Rental Online Booking Behavior

FlipKey interviewed 177 consumers: Of the 40% who where unable to identify accommodations, the majority chose not to book due to the lack of availability, attractiveness and/or cost of the options they identified.