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Is Our Doom in the Past Tense?

Here are a few of the negative measures we have come across.. They all point to the fourth quarter of last year.   From Flipkey: Online Demand Statistics Spell a Dark Winter For Travel

Sceptre Hospitality Resources

Sceptre Hospitality Resources expertise is in helping independent hotels and resorts on improving their revenue performance from the electronic channels. Sceptre supports independent properties with a robust central reservation system enabling their rates and inventory to be bookable by the Global Distribution Systems (GDSs), online third party sites, hotel proprietary website and call center.

The Top Factors that Influence your Google Ranking

Many of our clients and contacts want to know more about what helps them rank higher in Google.  Just this morning, someone told me that “alt tags” are important for rankings.  What exactly are the factors that the Google algorithm includes?  Where does one turn for an authoritative answer to a difficult question? Well…Here is […]