Internet Marketing

A wide topic, there are many subcategories within internet marketing that work in tandem and support one another to have a successful online presence. From organic search to paid ads and social media presence the internet is multi faceted and getting all these areas working together will give your website the best oppurtunity for success.

How to Assess Existing Website Content for Improved SEO

How to Assess Existing Website Content for Improved SEO

What is Page and Website Speed Optimization?

What is Page & Website Speed Optimization?

SEO Tips for Better Blog Post Writing

SEO Tips for Writing Blog Posts

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What is Google Tag Manager?

How to Optimize images the Right Way

How to Optimize Images for Web & Better Page Speed

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but in an SEO-conscious world, pictures can weigh you down in your rankings. Follow these steps to optimize your images, keeping your image file size small and your page speed score big: 1. Use the right file format. Using the right image format can save you BIG […]